Tuesday’s Tunes: Cleo Sol’s ‘One’ Is Another Vintage Daydream

This British-Jamaican gem is serving all kinds of sunny nostalgia with her latest single.

Tune in to Cleo Sol‘s latest track, a vintage vibe called “One” that’ll leave you wishing you were cruising to the beach in Tahiti in the 1960’s. This unforgettably fly British-Jamaican Londoner has a perfect catalog of similarly sunny daydreams that’ll wake you from your cold-induced coma; Winter Songs, her debut EP was released last March and now we are ready for more. This track is one from her forthcoming album which has no name or release date as of yet.

Needless to say, Cleo Sol has a fresh perspective within the neosoul scene. She brings her effortlessly cool yet warm sensibility to fruition through organic tropical-themed rhythms, plenty of airy space for sensuous strings and her uniquely calm vocals. If you’re not convinced, here’s a live video of her performing a poignant two-minute song called “I’m Still Young”. Simple, soulful and to the point, it’ll give you everything you need to get through this week, guaranteed.


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