Tuesday’s Tunes: Caroline Rose’s “LONER” is Sarcastic Rebellious Early 2000s Vibes

She challenges us all to take ourselves less seriously and embrace the gloriously absurd.

The Burlington, Vermont-born, now NYC-based badass Caroline Rose is back with a bitchin’ new album. After releasing a full length EP, I Will Not Be Afraid–a solidly folk, somewhat witchy singer/songwriter album in 2014–Rose has since developed a “fuck it” attitude that has produced this enchanting new direction: the illustrious LONER. This delightfully irreverent progression towards what she describes in her own words as a “dismantling of [her] ego” breathes life into an iconoclastic look at her sometimes funny sometimes frustrating life.

The first track off the album, “More of the Same”, sets the tone for the work as a whole; a slightly disdainful yet liberating take on the intricacies of daily life and a declaration of her own agency within those parameters. As a barely twenty-something artist when she emerged with her debut album, this second entrance feels like a unique yet universal “coming of age” that is extremely compelling. The second track, “Cry”, furthers the same sense of longing and discovery laid out in the first song and resurrects an early 2000s feeling of grunge revival that will make you want to watch Freaky Friday and wear chopsticks in your hair immediately.

Accompanying Rose’s grungy, soulfully strange sophomore album is this wonderfully weird music video for the Tarantino-esque twangy track “Money”, in which Rose herself plays every character. Decisively breaking away from more traditional roots, this entire album embraces the absurd in a way that harkens a new beginning for Caroline Rose and offers a fresh perspective on the constructs of genre and form in music in general. Amidst the clamoring creativity throughout this album, Caroline Rose will leave you with her own whimsical declaration: “I got soul”.


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