Tuesday’s Tunes: Bishop Briggs’ “Dream” Will Inspire You To Chase Yours

The realness of this lovesick anthem will lift your spirits and make you feel ready to conquer the world.

London-born, LA-based Bishop Briggs is back at it with yet another tune that will get you up in front of your mirror singing into a hairbrush in no time at all. Her gritty self-titled debut EP Bishop Briggs, released this past spring, graced us all with ample amounts of groovy blues rock vibes. In comparison, the most recent single takes a stab at a more traditional indie-pop sensibility, with a healthy amount of vintage Bishop Briggs attitude.

The emotional and anthemic yet buoyant song soars over catchy melodic motifs, punchy lyrics, a signature bold bassline, and of course, Bishop Briggs’ incredible powerhouse vocals. All in all, the relatability of this song is undeniable. It beautifully captures the simultaneous vulnerability and fortitude in trying to salvage a relationship. It represents both the nostalgia and frustration involved in fighting for something that may or may not be dead, and the complicated process of getting through that intact as a person.

The accompanying music video is on point as far as the Bishop Briggs aesthetic and the mood of the song. This is her last release before her US tour this fall and sophomore album due out next year. Stay closely tuned for heaps more moody rebel attitude.


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