Tuesday’s Tunes: Billie Eilish’s ‘wish you were gay’ Is A Big Mood

This latest bangin’ single will make you feel all of the things and let them go at the same time.

We all know Billie Eilish can slay, singing about her most badass bruises with the angelic vocals to cure all your own – this latest track is no exception. Nearly four minutes of pure release, (that sounds kinda dirty, I feel like), ‘wish you were gay‘ is a heartfelt song about letting go of the frustration that comes along with love, life and unfulfilled longing.

Her releases of late have all incorporated an organic edge, introducing the raw beauty of her vocals with a bare-boned instrumental vibe, and then smashing it out with an eclectic assortment of rarified production aspects that make her work unique to her individual aesthetic. There is also a striking balance between hard and soft that Billie Eilish encompasses within in her own persona, as well; she can be strong and bold but also honest and vulnerable at the same time.

Catch a feel with this single and let go of all that frustration you got going on – it’s okay, we’ve all been there.


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