Tuesday’s Tunes: Billie Eilish’s New Single Will Move You

Get ready to cry a whole bunch of happy tears to this latest soul-stirring jam.

Maybe the most talented teenager to walk the Earth in recent years, it’s pretty obvious that Billie Eilish has been on a roll lately with her music career. From her widely loved-on debut EP in 2017, don’t smile at me, to a bunch of tasty singles including a few big-name collabs this year, Billie’s soul-baring method of communicating with the world is authentically hers.

No matter what your music preferences are generally, there is something magnetic about her unique form of expression that will leave you wishing you could listen to her sing you to sleep until the day you die. Her latest release, “come out and play” is a beautiful ballad which dips into the gentle feeling of encouragement we all desperately need from time to time. Departing from a more melancholy or perfectly dissonant sadgirl sensibility from some of her previous work, this song is pure love from start to finish.

Get ready to cry some happy tears.



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