Tuesday’s Tunes: Biig Piig’s “Big Fan of the Sesh Vol. I” Will Make You Feel Things

The Londoner’s debut EP is the first instillation of her soon-to-be signature lo-fi R&B flow and the soundtrack to your gently melancholic urban summer.

20-year-old Londoner Jess Smyth, otherwise known as Biig Piig, is back with her debut EP: the first in a series of installations that are sure to perfectly capture your lo-fi dreamy summer feelings. This first cohesive release comes after a series of enchanting singles which drew attention for their formidable flow and irresistible authenticity.

The short-but-sweet collection flows effortlessly and effectively over a heartbreakingly lovely array of very relatable emotions. Smyth said of her songwriting in an interview: “The songs are like a scattered journey through an intense relationship. From the nerves of first speaking to that person in ‘Flirt’, to completely losing it in ‘You Know Better’, re-evaluating everything in the aftermath in ‘Perdida’ […] each track stands with its own emotional viewpoint.” Her musings about love and life are phrased in an ethereal and abstract way, leading the listener into a somewhat familiar yet unique feeling of reverie.

The organic feel behind the production, from the raw half-warble of the electric guitar to the stripped down R&B beat, to Smyth’s un-fussed-over vocals, reflects perfectly the overall inescapable authenticity behind Biig Piig’s music. Take a listen to the album all at once and feel the full effect of her magic; each song presents a different and very real set of emotions which will leave you feeling a gently melancholic sense of satisfaction. Tune in soon for Volume 2 of her soon-to-be signature magic.

See the equally enchanting lo-fi visual accompaniment for Volume I here:


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