Tuesday’s Tunes: Beach House is Back with “Lemon Glow”

The trippy track will immediately transport you to bellbottoms, flower children and makeout sessions in VW vans.

via conversationsabouther.net

Beach House, consisting of French-born vocalist Victoria Legrand and Baltimore native Alex Scally, is back at it with another dreamy single “Lemon Glow”. The track was released on SubPop last month, home of fellow indie phenomenons such as Father John Misty (previously of Fleet Foxes), Frankie Cosmos and even Nirvana and Kurt Cobain. The grungy yet invariably crisp indie-pop band clearly pulls influences from seventies psychedelic rock, infused with the raw edge of rebellion from 90s indie. The effect is a purely Beach House signature: a seductive serenade which transcends time.

Lyrically, the song reads as hazy as a dream diary jotted down between moments of near-consciousness. Layered with synths and crowned with Legrand’s spacey vocals, the track provides a cushy space for you to fall into a moment of reverie. The band released the single on YouTube and published on their Instagram page: “Wishing everyone out there love tonight. Here is ‘Lemon Glow’ from our upcoming album, due later this spring.” There is no information further yet about said album, but with any luck it’s full of more floating fantasies for us to fall into.


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