Tuesday’s Tunes: Bantug’s “Creatures” Will Make You Live Every 80s Coming-Of-Age Film

If The Goonies made a musical baby with Jane Fonda’s aerobic videos, this would be it.


I think we can all agree that the 80s were the champion decade of the coming-of-age film—as well as a bunch of other stuff, like perm hairstyles, lipstick stains on teeth, mom jeans, big shoulder pads and even bigger period pads. That feeling of longing and nostalgia is conveyed through Bantug‘s “Creatures”—a retro tune that captures the epic emotiveness of those good old days defined by The Goonies, ridiculous infomercials and hair scrunchies.

In all seriousness, Bantug is a breath of fresh air with a unique voice and a resoundingly genuine, crystal-clear sound. Her vocals throughout her latest of four impressive tracks, “Creatures,” are somewhat reminiscent of the soft yet powerful resonance of Amelia Meath of Sylvan Esso or Imogen Heap. The vocals stand on a bed of richly implemented atmospheric harmonics and a longingly tasteful and nostalgic melody.

Although her endearing yet impactful voice is a persistent trademark in all of her music, each of her tracks are remarkably dynamic. Each conveys the depth of a certain feeling, one that you’ll wish you could hold on to long after the song has ended.

Each track that this Nashville-based musical force has released, from ‘Waiting’, to ‘Circles’, to ‘Wine Beeline’, and now ‘Creatures’, contribute to the mysterious aura that Bantug has cultivated since her first Soundcloud debut. Thankfully, she has left us with a collection of musical memories to sustain our souls throughout the chilly months to come. We can only hope that she is weaving a web of even more wonderful material to greet us in 2017 and beyond!


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