Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘Baby’ by Bishop Briggs is Refreshingly Honest

The London-based singer/songwriter released a single that talks about a love interest who is crazy… good in bed.

You may know Bishop Briggs as the badass behind singles like “River” and “Wild Horses”, or the emotional bombshell that penned the poignant Church of Scars. Either way, last week she released yet another tasty dimension to her music in the form of her latest single “Baby”. This track will capture your imagination in perhaps a different capacity than any of her other musical ventures thus far.

In case you missed it, the hook of the song rings over the tight production: “My baby’s got a fucked up head, doesn’t matter ’cause he’s so damn good in bed, yeah he’s still my baby, yeah he’s fuckin’ crazy but he’s still my baby.” Haven’t we all been there? In an interview, Briggs marveled at how personal this song is compared to her more somber singles, despite the more airy, lighthearted feel to the decidedly pop ballad. At the end of the day, the track is massively relatable.

A drearily upbeat melody is perhaps the perfect adieu to summertime and this one is a sex-positive anthem for indulging your bodily intuition. In her final thoughts on the song, she says “I hope the lesson that people take from ‘Baby’ is the importance of loving yourself before you love another person. It’s also about owning imperfections rather than hiding them from ourselves or the people we let into our lives.” Cheers to that, Bishop Briggs!


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