Tuesday’s Tunes: Azealia Banks’ “Treasure Island” Is Hardcore But Emotional

Her signature badass energy is in full effect with this speaker-smashing single, but with a dash of soft sentimentality.

True to her signature style, homegirl Azealia Banks is back with a singularly pussy-poppin’ single to propel you through this week. The track is the second steamy instillation from her new mixtape, Fantasea II: The Second Wave. The forthcoming album has no official release date as of yet, however, the tracklist released back in February includes some killer collabs with the likes of Mel B, Busta Rhymes and Grimes.

The track delivers just as much controlled chaos as you’d expect from the New York born-and-bred rapper, but with a soft and compelling sensibility. The song begins with all the torn-up tension that you’d expect from an Azealia Banks original, the message being “freak on”. Yet it rings with the warm realness of an almost gospel-inspired breakdown.

There is no word on when – or even if – the album will be released. After a minor tiff with “Wildin’ Out” host Nick Cannon escalated via social media, the word is still out on when, if ever, Banks will be ready to release her new music. She posted on her Instastory yesterday: “Album is cancelled. I need some time to relax and bounce on dick. I’ll release new music when I feel like it…” Roger that. Stay tuned for more rugged realness from this unapologetic hip-hop R&B queen.


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