Tuesday’s Tunes: Amber Mark’s “Conexão EP” Is A Cool Drink On A Balmy Day

This NYC-based R&B gem is spreading her realness one sip at a time.

Now 24-year-old New Yorker Amber Mark solidified her spot as a strong and versatile R&B artist after her debut EP, 3:33am, enchanted audiences with her brave and authentic unraveling of the loss of her mother. This summer, she released a cool, calm and collected clamor of wistful melodies and world-inspired rhythms. Grab a listen to Conexão EP:

The EP starts with the track “Conexão”, a warm tropical breeze conveyed through a flawlessly rolling rhythm, crisp piano chords and the clear echo of Amber Mark’s strong yet sultry vocals. The whole song seems to sway together; she croons “throw away your responsibilities; there’s a time and place for everything,” in a particularly epicurean line.

The rest of the album falls blissfully into place, luxuriating in a colorful, compelling and ethereal point of view. All in all, Amber Mark is tapping into the allure of fleeting moments of freedom and expression. Catch homegirl this Fall on her European tour. Eyes and ears out!


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