Tuesday’s Tunes: Alaska Reid’s Sizzling, Sultry Vocals Will Give You Chills

Listen to two of the American alt rock phenomenon’s tracks and give in to her seductive spell.


Photo by Katie Levine

Light the candles, put on your fuzziest pair of socks and sink into the latest track from North Carolina-based DJ Koresma, whose deliciously sultry single expounds off of the beautiful vocals of the massively talented Alaska Reid.

This track is not unlike the previous material released by Koresma: atmospheric electronic music with an organic and mysterious vibe. However, the vocals on this track are what make it stand out in a sea of typical contemporary electronic music. The song starts at a soul-piercing whisper and maintains its echoing charm throughout, carried first and foremost by Alaska’s wispy yet powerful vocals. The small imperfections in her voice that glide over the resonant melody give the song even more depth, similar to the legendary Stevie Nicks in her Fleetwood Mac days.

Going with a more 70s-inspired style, Alaska Reid is also the lead singer in a band of her own called ALYESKA, which takes on a far more psychedelic alternative rock vibe. Their debut LP Lose My Place was released last month with help of producer John Agnello at The Magic Shop in NYC, whose past credits include Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth and Phosphorescent—all artists who seem to inspire the band’s direction.

Besides the more low-fi grungy stuff, there’s also this folk gem which offers another bit of insight into her range as a musician. The track, “Ashtabula,” is a classic folk-style song which illuminates her vocal talent as well as some solid songwriting skills. The sweet song could very well be a tribute to her native Montana country roots.


We can only hope there are far more surprises to come from this electronic/alt rock/folk phenomenon.


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