Tuesday’s Tunes: ‘A World Without Snooze, Vol. 2’

Londoner Biig Piig slayed with her latest release, a soulful saunter through her jazzy lo-fi world.

Magnetic British musician Biig Piig’s sophomore EP is just what you need to free yourself from the it’s-getting-kinda-warm-again-and-I-have-to-do-all-of-the-things-right-now jitters. Loosen up those shoulders, do a little stretch and get lost in the reverie that is A World Without Snooze, Vol. 2. The release is a signature collection of jazzy lo-fi gems with a steady hip hop heartbeat, glided effortlessly along by the smooth and airy yet somehow still voluptuous vocals of Biig Piig herself.

This particular project is a collaboration with two producers, Kxrn and Mac Wetha, who help capture the gently melancholic flow of Biig Piig’s down-to-earth experience of love and the self. The collection as a whole is an impressionistic look at life from an honest perspective. Using straight-forward lyricism to get her point across, she casually mixes in her stream of consciousness in Spanish – the effect is a seamlessly soulful brew of tasty tune tea.

On release day, Biig Piig posted the following to Instagram:

“Today I released my second EP ‘A World Without Snooze Vol.2’  // I wanted to say thank you to friends Mac Wetha and Kxrn from family NiNE8 COLLECTIVE for producing the beautiful beats on this tape and for letting me be honest and vulnerable when writing and recording around you both ❤️”

Keep your eyes and ears out for more from this British babe!

Photo by Jay Green

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