Celebrating International Day of Trans Visibility with “Disclosure”, the Netflix Original Documentary

Whether you haven’t seen it yet or this will be your fourth viewing – We think International Day of Trans Visibility is the perfect time to stream “Disclosure” and learn from our amazing trans family members about how we can all can play a part in a more loving, just future!

Image: Netflix

Happy International Day of Trans Visibility, fam! We’re setting aside some time today to get back into “Disclosure”, Netflix’s amazing original documentary (executively produced by none other than Laverne Cox, by the way!). The doc takes us through the history of trans peoples’ representation in film, television and reveals how transness has …basically always been reduced to a cross-dressing punchline, a mental disorder, or a dangerous perversion to be met with violence.

These tropes have become more and more entrenched over the last century, and are not only reflective of the way society at large (mis-)”understands” transness, but are also constructive of harmful stereotypes that make it incredibly dangerous for trans people to even exist. And that’s a major problem, which requires all of us to play a role in affecting change!

This doc does an incredible job of taking us through a number of culturally significant films and television shows, spanning several decades, to unpack the anti-trans messaging and break down the way this affected the trans community. Together with Laverne Cox, we get to hear from Lilly Wachowski, Yance Ford, Mj Rodriguez, Jamie Clayton, and Chaz Bono – some of today’s leading thinkers and creatives. And for those of us who haven’t engaged with this information before, this education is invaluable – and necessary for becoming part of the solution in the fight for a more inclusive future.

So get into “Disclosure” today, take all the notes you need, and then seek out some of the amazing trans community leaders, organizations, influencers, educators and activists who are spearheading the movement so you can stay informed. Here are a few great @’s to get you started:

Raquel Willis
Alok V. Menon
Chella Man
Laverne Cox
J Mase III
Chris Mosier
Shay-Akil McLean
Travis Alabanza
Indya Moore
Schuyler Bailar
Jeffrey Marsh

The Trevor Project
Black Trans Travel Fund
The Okra Project
Brave Space Alliance


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