Track-By-Track: August Wahh on Her New EP ‘Vivid’

The Filipino Spotify RADAR-artist August Wahh takes us through each track of her stunning new EP ‘Vivid’.

August Wahh
August Wahh

We can probably all agree that 2020 has given us a good share of experiences we’d rather have been without. But maybe you’d also agree that there’ve been a few unexpectedly positive outcomes from some of the radical life changes we’ve all experienced… A label we’d happily apply to August Wahh’s new EP Vivid.

Drawing from all of the emotions surrounding life in lockdown, the Manila-based artist unleashed Vivid – a stunning EP sounding like nothing you’ve heard before and something you’d wanna play again.

August Wahh | Spotify

“Vivid, the whole EP, is about daydreaming during lockdown. The three tracks were written based on what was happening mentally, emotionally, and spiritually during the first few months of isolation.”

Vivid being about daydreaming shows perfectly in the hazy and jazz-infused productions where every note and beat is constantly taking you further into a dreamlike soundscape you’d rather not wake up from.

Created through remote collaborations with artists from all around the globe, Vivid is the sound of Wahh’s personal self, expressed in a universal way. From missing the past to using the isolation to start loving yourself, and finally coming to terms with the reality of the new normal, Vivid is a beautiful journey through the emotions of lockdown.

It’s no wonder why Spotify has selected August Wahh as one for their worldwide RADAR program, or that the likes of Erykah Badu and Daniel Cesar have previously chosen the General Santos-raised talent as their warm-up act.

We’ve quite frankly fallen completely for Livid – EP and feel confident that you will too. We’ve asked August Wahh to take us on a journey through the EP. Listen while you continue to read:


– “Press Play” is a song that reminisces memories, dwelling on the past and trying to relive it. While I drew some of the sentiments from past romantic experiences, I wrote it when I was trying to get accustomed to the new reality – while still thinking about what once was. It reflected the whole not knowing how to navigate the situation that we were all thrown in. 


– “Hue” was written after a dream – I had a dream about a 5D (5th-dimensional) lover, a soul mate that I’d never met, and it was so surreal. I remember waking up from this dream and I just couldn’t get over the feeling, the giddiness. It was so profound that it kinda got me high, and that high lasted a couple of weeks. So “Hue” started out as a love song about someone I’ve never met, and eventually I came to the realization that this song is about coming to terms with yourself, falling in love with yourself. It was me settling into this new normal. One of the outcomes of the pandemic is that it really forced everyone to brace themselves and face themselves. It was an amazing experience, and “Hue” is really about that – learning how to love every shade and hue of your being. 

August Wahh

“One of the outcomes of the pandemic is that it really forced everyone to brace themselves and face themselves.”


– And then we have “Eyes”, the first track off the EP but actually the last one I wrote. “Eyes” is a culmination of all these experiences during lockdown. I really came to terms with everything, knowing that being in lockdown didn’t mean the end of the world. I knew that I could change the way I feel about being stuck at home, and turn it into something less pessimistic. I had a roof over my head and enough to eat, and plenty of time. The “boredom,” the amount of free time at home, being locked in, it was such a crazy thing getting to know myself and accepting that you don’t know everything. That you don’t know where things are going, that things are constantly changing. You don’t know what’s going to happen next and that’s okay – as long as you’re secure with yourself.

August Wahh
August Wahh

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