Skate crew Tösabidarna releases new segment, ‘Emma’

The Malmö-based girls’ skate organisation kills it with their latest.

The Malmö-based girls skate organisation Tösabidarna are working like no others to push the girls skate scene locally and internationally. They’ve just released the newest section called “Emma”, starring Emma Fastesson Lindgren skating in a variety of picturesque Swedish parks and spots.

Emma Fastesson Lindgren began riding at the young age of 11 and later on went to win major competitions such as Get Set, Go! (Malmö) and Suck My Trucks (Berlin). At 16 she was ranked as the best female skater in the world.

“When I started riding, one of my high-school teachers told me that I wasn’t very ladylike because my skating. I would say that the skatescene and community has become much more inviting towards girls. Especially in Malmö there’s more and more female contests where the money prizes are just as big as the male contests. Despite this, there’s still a big problem with the fact that girls aren’t sponsored as often, even though they’re in the same international league”, Emma says to Tösabidarna.

Behind the lens in this section is talented Phil Evans.


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