Tips from a Teenager: 3 Indoor Activities That Help Me De-stress

It’s important to remember to treat yourself from time to time, but how do you make yourself feel a little better? Here are my favorite things to do when I have extra time for myself.

indoor activities | reading | relax
Image: Time Goedhart / Unsplash

Words by Vega Deela Allin

Hi <3 I am a 15-year-old intern here at Girls Are Awesome! At the moment, I’m mostly focusing on school and homework, but I also work at a bubble tea cafe when I’m off school. Other than that, I enjoy spending time with my friends. 

I’ve written this short article about how to de-stress these quite stressing times with c*vid and all that jazz. The key for me is to spend time by myself and simply just do the things I enjoy! 

A common trait of all the activities that help me get my mind off things is that they actually help me feel productive – even when I’m not really doing much. It’s a perfect way to both relax, but also feel like I’ve accomplished something when I’m done. Here are three that work for me, and might for you too:

indoor activities | reading | relax

Crochet + True Crime

My guilty pleasure is true crime, and I can’t crochet without listening to Stephanie Soo‘s podcast, mukbangs or “Baking a Mystery”. I don’t know how to feel about being into true crime, but it’s great entertainment when you work with your hands. 

When I crochet it’s often a part of a larger project, and I love the feeling of working my way to a finished product. I’ve just finished a cross-body bag for my friend and I’m planning on making a lot more. (maybe even selling them?) The nice thing about crocheting is that you can make pretty much anything – for example, I made the bag without a pattern, but I still made it work!

indoor activities | reading | relax


Recently I’ve been very into reading. Reading a book can be so calming, and I try to read every day before bed. Like when I crochet, it’s nice to work your way through the pages.

Of course, an amazing story is the most important, and my favorite genre is probably true crime too. Right now, I’m reading “The Woman in the Window” by A. J. Finn and I love it! 

indoor activities | reading | relax

Listening to Music 

Music is one of those things that can completely change my mood. If I’m feeling down I can listen to energetic music to make myself feel more excited, or I can listen to some sad songs and have a little sad moment (which we all need sometimes). Some of my favorite artists are Beabadoobee, BIBI, DEAN and a lot more.

Hopefully you’ll want to try out these ideas on how to destress a little <3 Stay safe and keep distance. Hope you’re staying positive and testing negative!


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