Tina Willim Captured the Spirit of Berlin in Her Photos From Our Launch Party

Her compositions are chaotic and cool—just like the iconic city itself.

Last week, we spent the night guzzling fizzy drinks on a rooftop, dancing to trap and indulging in Bavarian delicacies at the launch party for our collaboration with adidas Originals. You can get the vibe of the party by watching the recap video, but it’s worth checking out this photo series by German photographer and designer Tina Willim as well. Not just because she snapped photos from our party: her carefully curated compositions capture the spirit of Berlin as an iconic city, in all of its chaos, contrast and cool.

Willim has been shooting for adidas Originals for a while now, probably because her casual yet considered lifestyle photography distinctly nails a spirit that resonates with our generation. Case in point: this photo series features urban sprawl, forgotten skateboards, random dogs and elated people all at once. It feels instinctive, adrenaline-charged and distinctly Berlin. Kind of makes you want to pack your bags and move there, doesn’t it?

Enjoy these little shots, and check out the rest of her work on her Instagram.