Three Old TV Shows Worth Revisiting

These female-led casts from the olden times will make you laugh (and thank your lucky stars that you live in the 21st century).

From Laverne and Shirley

Gather ’round, children. In the ancient times, before Netflix was a thing that would pre-organize and predict your fav TV shows, you had to plan your life around set showtimes to get your giggles. Here are three that were crazy successful from back in the day that include some swarthy and funny gals. They’ll make you laugh but also thank the heavens above that you live in the year 2018.

Laverne and Shirley

Get ready for some epic video quality and hella over-the-top physical comedy to remind you how subtle and refined your comedic preferences are in this modern world. Laverne and Shirley first aired in the 70s and was a spinoff of the aggressively vanilla TV show, Happy Days, which it eventually outlived. This show definitely pushed some boundaries; it takes place in the 1950s and surrounds the lives of two unattached women who worked at a brewing factory. The show started in the mid 1970s during the Women’s Liberation movement in the US had pushed the traditional expectations of women – although there are undoubtedly some cringey moments in there as well.

The Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch – in color. This famous (or perhaps now infamous) TV show surrounded the Brady family, a husband and wife in California with six children collectively from previous marriages and their eternally single housekeeper and the most underrated part of the show, Alice. Over the course of seven seasons, the series follows their incredibly PC family shenanigans. It started in the 1960s and spanned into the 70s over the time when Women’s Liberation, among other movements, was rising to high tensions in the US. The show is extremely traditional in all senses, but as almost every show from the 1900s does, there was an episode where the men and women in the show “switch roles” for a day. In “The Liberation of Marcia Brady“, original air date in 1971, boys try sewing and the girls try camping. Needless to say, it’s pretty fucking controversial.

I Love Lucy

Seriously though: Lucille Ball is the original badass. An actor, comedian, model, studio executive and producer, she and her husband Desi Arnaz co-created Desilu Productions, which expanded into their own wildly successful empire. Lucille Ball’s self-titled show, I love Lucy, which was loosely based on their real-life marriage, aired for 23 years and won four Emmys among other awards. This actually funny show was extremely over-the-top but also portrayed a rather authentic life partnership between her and her Latin American show business husband as well as her actual friend and partner in crime, “Ethel Beavers”. The Lucy and Ethel gal-pal combo is notorious to this day. Even though Lucy and Desi’s marriage unfortunately crumbled due to alcoholism and other real-world drama, the legacy lives on and Lucille Ball remains the icon she is today.



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