This New Line of Intimates is For Literally Everyone

Moons and Junes’ latest body-inclusive, soft and subtle collection is meant for you to be your realest, most comfortable and badass self, at any and all times.

Your next boob-and-booty-hugging best friend is here! Moons and Junes is raising the bar for intimates with an empowering and body-inclusive collection that is designed to let you reflect your best self, at literally any time. They’ve already been featured by many different publications including the likes of Elle Magazine and British Vogue, for their conscious designs and care with which they present and distribute their undergarments.

This time around, the shoot that accompanies this brand new line features 20 diverse women from all different walks of life and varying body types in their most natural and intimate environment: their homes. “No padding, no underwire, no bullshit” and certainly no photoshop to be found, Moons and Junes’ attitude towards the female body and garments that are perhaps the most important to daily life as a woman is uplifting and encouraging.

We chatted with founder Agnete Bjerre-Madsen a little about the background and origins of the brand as well as the idea behind the latest collection. Take a look!

Can you tell us a little about the origin of this brand, how it came to be and how it has developed to now?

Thinking back on my teen years, I (like oh so many others) suffered from low self-esteem and body insecurities. I found myself compromising with comfort in order to fit into the socially constructed ideal of beauty. In the midst of my should-I-get-implants phase, I was fortunate enough to take part in a two-year educational movement called the United World College (UWC), which brings 300 high school students from 95 different countries together. It was a real melting pot of nationality, culture, race, and sexuality. Arriving there as a white, cis, straight, teenage Westerner, it was something of an eye-opener, to put it mildly. Surrounded by bodies of all shapes, colors, and inclinations (yes, we had communal showers), I learned to appreciate the individual beauty each and every one of us embodied. Moons and Junes was born as a celebration of this beauty in diversity.

I noticed how difficult it was to find intimates that were truly comfortable – that didn’t distort my look, that didn’t dig into my skin, that didn’t itch… And so I decided to build a bra that would offer comfort and support, without all the “extras”, and to build a brand that celebrated real women as they are.

Two years later, I have met my partner-in-crime-and-business, Ewelina Solowiej, our community has blossomed and Moons And Junes is sold in 20 countries. Today, we launch our brand new collection. It brings together two years of learning from the women in our community.

What is the most important part of the way these garments are designed and built?
Testing the product and hosting fittings with women of different sizes. It sounds simple, but I think the way we iterate on our designs is key. It’s a long but necessary process, which results in a product that doesn’t only look good, but also offers support and comfort. For this collection specifically we’ve had a new approach to design, as it’s our first customer-collaborative collection! Through our Instagram (@moonsandjunesofficial) we learned what our community want from their underwear and where they thought we could improve. We’ve been in touch with more than 50 women who’ve helped us out with focus groups and fittings! It’s because of all this assistance and feedback from the community that our new product line has wider straps, softer elastics, features more sizes, fit larger chests better, and I would never have come up with the cute high-waisted pair of briefs.

The concept for this new collection is simple and clear: “No underwire, no padding, no bullshit”. What drove you to create this type of undergarment for women?
We were tired of all the paraphernalia that painfully distort our bodies. So we called bullshit and built underwear that… works. When underwear just sits there comfortably around your features, you lose the feeling that your bra distorts your look, you know? No pushing, pulling, tightening, tugging and no extra – that is extremely empowering.

The campaign features 20 unique women. Can you tell us a little more about these women and why you chose them?
Yes! ‘At Home’ features the coolest mix of people! But first, it’s important to say, that not all the At Home models identify with the labeling ‘woman’. We don’t host castings and simply reach out to people we are inspired by. Some of them are childhood friends, family members, inspiring influencers, authors etc. Some are people we’ve bumped into on the street and been mesmerized by. Some have simply reached out to us and asked if they could join the shoot.

We photographed each model in their own, private home, so we had a lot of traveling to do. ‘At Home’ was shot in Copenhagen, Berlin and Los Angeles featuring models such as Fania Folaji a producer at High Snobiety, Amalie Have aka @scandinaviandreamgurl survivor and activist and Tintin a dancer and cacao-ceremony-hosting goddess.

Why was it important to you to feature women at home?
Your home is such a private and intimate space. There’s something vulnerable about inviting someone into your home. And having pictures taken, in underwear, in your home… that’s brave, and it’s beautiful!

We didn’t have a photo-crew, no make-up artists, no lights, no extras. All we had was me and my Canon. I would turn up on their doorstep and get a tour of their home, be introduced to their favorite corners, be offered a cup of tea, get to be with them in their element, their nest, their home… it was casual and comfortable and exciting. I’m so grateful of the trust and hospitality that they showed us.

How do you feel about the lingerie industry right now?
I’m all about the disruption we’re seeing these years. Giants such as Victoria Secrets, Change, Hunkemöller, Triumph etc. are slowly fading which has made room for a lot of younger, motivated brands to enter the industry. Women want to emancipate from the standards of beauty. They want brands that meet them where they are and offer them what they need. I hope Moons and Junes will help fills this need.

Did you see the hype around the Savage x Fenty show? Do you buy into it, literally or figuratively?
Yes. I buy in to it – figuratively. I am a fan. I love to see brands in our industry taking responsibility for what beauty-related mandates they promote. The more people that take a stance against the ‘ideal’, the better. I mean, when we ask why people strive to look a certain way, it becomes fairly obvious that inclusivity is not just about self-love, it’s about recognizing oppressive behaviors. That’s why representation is so important: dark, fair, young, old, slim or not, cis or not.

You’ve been featured by Elle and Vogue among others. How does it make you feel to receive this sort of recognition?
Every time we get published by an established and recognized fashion magazine, we see the battle towards reclaiming the standards of beauty moving forward. It’s huge. It’s exciting. It makes me proud to see Moons and Junes be a part of this movement.

The sex appeal in the garments is subtle, but most of it comes from the women themselves and how they own it and make it their own. How would you encourage the women who wear your pieces to go about using them?
I hope people wear them on a sexy Friday night, on a lazy Sunday morning, during important meetings, when practicing yoga, when they see their therapist, when breastfeeding… haha – point being: there are no rules to wearing Moons And Junes. No who, no where, no when.

Thanks again!


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