This All-Female Project Is A Piece Of Interactive Art ????

All-female organization Girl is NOT A 4 Letter Word and Dusters California have come together to create an iconic design reminding girls there is a solid place for them in skate culture.

action | ad | california

action | ad | california

Working with an all-female team of creatives, our friends at Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word have teamed up with Dusters California to create a piece of interactive art that speaks to the revolution of equality, empowerment and exposure happening everywhere, but specifically within the skateboarding community. This positive campaign shines a light on the importance of awareness around everyday women who rock it in the world, slaying on the daily! OG pro skateboarder and organization lead Cindy Whitehead explained the dream-team quality to the project; engaging with the right team of talented women seemed natural.

“Having a female creative team on this project just felt right […] We are always encouraging girls to create their own skate media, and we felt this would be the perfect time to work with creative director and photographer Elise Crigar, cinematographer Madeline Northway and the all-female band, The Anti-Queens to put together something really special.”

Filmed in the iconic 70’s location in Mt. Baldy, California, Arizona skater Janthavy Norton is featured in the video doing her thing, riding the GN4LW Re-Issue, designed with artwork from Cindy herself. Catch the video below!

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