The Year in Poetry: Amin Ameen in Conversation with Poet Anjola

“Come curious”, says London-based poet Anjola, as she dives into conversation about what 2020 meant for poetry with EverythingNaArt’s Amin Ameen

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Who’s in the mood for some incredible poetry? We’ve got you covered! We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share selections from Amin Ameen‘s incredible virtual series The Link Up, which she hosts on her Instagram @EverythingNaArt (which means “everything is art”). It’s a multi-day event that seeks to empower, position, and amplify Black creatives in the Continent, diaspora and beyond, and shine more light on both professional and personal growth opportunities – especially as we approach a year of challenges within both.

The third Link Up series took place in December, and since we’re still taking notes and journaling about so many of the gems in these conversations, we felt it only right to bring a few conversations here to our Girls Are Awesome community. Today’s installment features the incredible London-based poet Anjola, who actually began her writing journey with the aim of becoming a novelist – but, at her mother’s prompting, ended up using her gift of poetry instead. This conversation has everything; personal stories, deep questions, the transformative power of failure as a catalyst for growth, the evolution of Anjola’s conceptualization of poetry, and even a dance break! Check it out:

Anjola is actually the final conversation of the third Link Up series, and we asked Amin about the choice to close with her: “We went through a very rough year collectively. I wanted to set the tone for the new year with a collective poem of resilience and triumph. She wrote a poem specially for the finale of the virtual series. The crowd really enjoyed it. What a special moment.”

Here’s an excerpt from the poem:

Till slowly
we felt ourselves starving, while the year ate.
Yes we entered a hungry year which seemed to take and take and take
and eat and eat and eat while 
we watched
finding ourselves starving in a hungry year.

This is a year that showed me that time can eat
that days can swallow
that plates and plates of plans can be licked clean
at a moment’s notice
but also
this is a year that showed me the power of an intermittent fast
the power of less
how much more I am than the things I consumed to make me
with the greatness I aspire to.
– Anjola –

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amin ameen | anjola | art

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