The We Make Music Song Camp is ON!

12 producers and songwriters from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland are gathered in Copenhagen for the We Make Music Song Camp. Meet two of the participants!

DJBFA | Fjer | Marie Sahba
Danish producer Vakle participating in the previous DJBFA song camp Camp West in 2020.

Earlier this year, we announced the collaboration with the Danish organization for songwriters and composers DJBFA who’s put together the We Make Music initiative – a Nordic songwriting camp for women!

Time flies, and it’s all happening now with 12 women from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland gathered in Copenhagen to change the gender gap in songwriting and music production – one tune at a time!

The camp started today and will run until Friday September 24th with the artists working in different teams throughout the week.

One of the Danish participants is the R&B and pop singer, songwriter, and producer Maja Barløse aka Fjer. After years of working on her sound and perfecting her skills (in Denmark as well as in New York), she released her debut album You Again in 2018. It’s an album she wrote and produced herself and promoted independently.

She’s well-experienced with song camps and is always curious to meet new colleagues, make new friends, and find new collaborators through the camps that have also made her better at her craft: “It’s so intense and dense – in a really good way,” she says of the camps: “It’s kinda healthy to push yourself every once in a while and really dig in and make a million songs on a very tight schedule.”

When she applied for the We Make Music song camp for women, she was also drawn by the idea to actually change some sh*t in the industry: “We need to showcase our talent and sometimes work twice as hard as our male colleagues. Initiatives like this give us a platform to really shine.”

With that being said, she’s dreaming of the day when all women initiatives within songwriting become a necessary of the past:

“I think we need to mix and match our sessions better – gender-wise. That women and other gender minorities write for male artists and with male producers/writers, and not just with each other. Often, women write for women, and men write for men AND women. It would be awesome if we could normalize the diversity of session constellations a little more. That would be a fluid and very effective way of changing the imbalance that we currently have in the industry – especially in Denmark. A camp like this definitely is a step in the right direction and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

Fjer - We Make Music Song Camp

I like the idea of having a strong female network all over the world. It’s like we got each other’s backs, in a world where we’re constantly pitted against each other. – Fjer

Another camp participant is the Norwegian-Iranian artist, songwriter, composer, producer, and DJ Marie Sahba. Based out of Oslo, Sahba is currently working on her forthcoming EP AZERI BABY on which she mixes traditional eastern music and western pop. Prior to her work on the EP, she’s also composed music for short films and theatre/dance shows and worked on projects ranging from pop, R&B and hip hop to EDM, house and electronica.

Like the rest of the participants, she’s hoping for more diversity in the business and saw the camp as a great opportunity to open a new chapter of her musical career:

“I applied to We Make Music Song Camp because I want to write with new people (especially women!) and broaden my network in Scandinavia. I’m sooo longing for a physical camp after a year with a lot of digital sessions. I’m also planning to move to Copenhagen and establish myself as an artist, writer and producer and the camp is the perfect first step towards that.”

Marie Sahba

I think it [the camp] will strengthen us as creatives and also widen our horizons when it comes to future work and collaborations. – Marie Sahba

Listen and read more!

Please don’t leave us before checking out the work of Fjer and Marie Sahba!

“First Place” and “Sleeping With The Enemy” are taken from Fjer’s own project – both songs written and produced by Fjer. Besides from her own project, she’s also collaborated with several other artists as both producer and co-writer. Check out her collab “SLIK” with Danish artists Ara Noir and Josie Amadonna, produced and co-written by Fjer as well as the track “Ord” taken from her work as producer and co-writer in GFD Collective (a music collective consisting of artists from Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands).

Curious to know how Marie Sahba’s blend of traditional eastern music and western pop sounds like? Check out some of her most-streamed tracks “Take Me Back”, “Out of Control”, “Sway” and “Naked” and stay tuned for her upcoming EP to arrive!

If you wanna know more about the We Make Music Song Camp, head to DJBFA’s website here.

We Make Music is a collaboration between DJBFA, Girls Are Awesome and the Scandinavian composers and songwriter organizations NOPA (NO), Skap (SE) samt FTT (Félag Tónskálda og Textahöfunda, IS).

The camp is supported by Nordic Culture Point/Nordisk Kulturkontakt and Nordisk Kulturfond and Koda Kultur via DJBFA.


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