The Venus Spejlet Is A Powerful Way To View Your Lady Parts

The Venus Spejlet is the first ever vulva mirror, created for the purpose of encouraging girls and women to explore their vaginas in all their glory.

The Venus Spejlet, or “Venus Mirror” is the first ever vulva mirror, created with the specific purpose of encouraging women to explore the intimate power of the female body. Yes, your lady parts, nether regions “down yonder”, pussy, vagina… it’s a thing, it’s a part of you (if you are biologically female) and it’s an important and wondrous part of womanhood. Despite the overarchingly hyper-sexualized nature of the women’s physicality in collective consciousness, the vagina is not often portrayed or mentioned in the context of female pleasure in any “real” way – perhaps leading to a discordant relationship with women and their individual bodies. In the words of lead designer herself, Line Poulsen: “Venus Spejlet is a vulva mirror created to turn nervous feelings and shame around exploring your vulva into curiosity, pleasure and power”.

As intended, the Venus Spejlet allows vagina-owners of all ages to get intimate with their bodies, demystifying pussy-parts or pussy-pleasures to pussy-owning individuals in their divine beauty. Designed with the essence of “The Birth of Venus” in mind, the mirror lends itself to truly embracing the beauty of the one’s biological body parts, turning any discomfort into an empowering experience of self-discovery. Line Poulsen is the mastermind behind this product, whose message and intent is simple and succinct: “First, it is good to look at yourself in a mirror and know how your vulva looks. In addition, it is good to touch yourself and to find out what you like and what you don’t.” She continues, “And finally, it is important to take good care of your vulva throughout life. Give it care, love, and respect, and never keep quiet if something doesn’t feel good! Your vulva is your own, and nobody else’s – shouldn’t you be the one who knows it best?”.

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Photos by Sonia Ziegler, taken from the release of the Venus Spejlet just this past summer.


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