The Ultimate Girls Are Awesome Christmas Gift Guide

Get the goods for your mom, your friend, your step dad, your daughter, your brother or your always kinda drunk uncle. Or just for yourself, cause we all know you deserve it.

beanie | christmas | clothing

beanie | christmas | clothingWords by Sofie Winther

Hey guys. We made everything easier for you: here’s a guide to all the presents to buy for your mom, your friend, your step dad, your daughter, your brother or your always kinda drunk uncle. Or just for yourself, cause we all know you deserve it.

beanie | christmas | clothing

The hoodie that will make you survive Christmas dinner

We all know it: Christmas dinner with your family is soooo cringy! Your deaf Grandma that can’t hear a word, even if you shouted “bitch sandwich”. Your sleazy “I only see you at Christmas” Uncle, that always stares at you a little too long when you have that boring “how-are-you-nowadays” conversation. And, of course – never forget – your awkward Mom that laughs and smiles as if Christmas was a hit of the purest cocaine, times a hundred. Every year it’s the same… But cringe no more! With a “Girls Are Awesome” hoodie lying under the Christmas tree, you’ll forget all about the 2 hours in hell, fosho!

beanie | christmas | clothing

The long sleeve that will make your heartbroken friend believe in Christmas again

Christmastime is rough, especially when you are heartbroken (let’s just face it – Christmas alone fucking sucks!). We all have that special friend… The one who’s just had her heart broken and is now laying on your couch every night, repeatedly listening to Wham!’s “Last Christmas”, deeply identifying with every word, while eating take-away once again. You’ll try your best to be a good friend, nodding and understanding her miserable and sad life while giving her the same cheerful advice over and over again. But by the end, you’re so fed up with her depressing complaining that you’re thinking about joining her on the path to self-destruction.

Leave a wrapped “Girls Are Awesome” long sleeve tee under her pillow the night before Christmas and be prepared to see some changes. We guarantee that she’ll get her Christmas spirit back in no time!


beanie | christmas | clothing

The beanie that will make you the queen of the annual Christmas lunch  

Who doesn’t love the annual Christmas lunch?! That time of year where we get together with our nearest and dearest, to celebrate the birth of our almighty saviour Jesus Christ by getting shitfaced and puking heavily most of the night…

That time of year where you start dancing on the tables at 4 in the afternoon, reveal your deepest darkest secrets to your “I-know-your-name-as-of-yesterday” colleague and french kiss the shit out of your boss (or that’s at least what someone told you, because of course you don’t remember any of this).

At some point during a good Christmas lunch, there has to be a fun gift exchange game. Why not bring a gift-wrapped “Girls Are Awesome” beanie for the game? That way, you’ll make some lucky person very happy and the queen of the night!


beanie | christmas | clothing

The t-shirt that will make you celebrate New Year’s like a boss lady

Christmas is finally over and New Year’s is just around the corner. You have been fighting your way through a whole month of heavy drinking, eating like an animal and making bad decisions. But just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse – the dress you ordered from ASOS for New Year’s Eve is suddenly a size to small. A stream of self-hatred, insecurity and hours of tears rush over you and your face. You’re so close to writing a suicide note but instead you just stay in and die slowly on the couch, just you and a bucket of ice-cream with a whole season of Friends, yet again. All the effort. All the planning. All the messages back and forth about what to wear, what to drink and whom to invite. All of this… for nothing.

We’ve all been there, year after year! But hey, it’s just a night like any other night. Just with a bit more glitter. New Year’s Eve is about having fun, being with your friends, family or whomever is around you. So, this year, do as us, embrace you’re x-mas food baby, save the fabulous dress for another time, and wear a GIRLS ARE AWESOME t-shirt, celebrating New Year’s like a boss lady!

Just so ya know, the last shipping dates for Christmas orders in Denmark should be placed on the 18th of December. If you’re ordering international, order yours by the 14th of December, just to be safe. Holla holla!


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