The Non-Apology: Join Women Around the World who are Done Apologizing for Doing Things Their Own Way!

In a world that expects us to be ‘sorry’ for just about everything, the Non-Apology campaign encourages us to embrace showing up as our most authentic selves – Sorry, not sorry!

Be honest, ladies – how many times do you hear yourself apologize in a day? Not an actual apology, which always has its place; nope, we’re talking about the superfluous, almost unconscious ‘sorry’ that so often precedes the simplest, most normal things – “Sorry for not writing back right away”, “Sorry it’s so messy in here”, and of course, “Sorry I didn’t shave my armpits.” Most of us would probably lose count before lunch…

These little ‘sorries’ might seem harmless enough – until we take a look at the numbers. Brace yourselves: A survey from our friends at Goodiebox indicates that fully 83% of women regularly struggle with feelings of guilt and shame – feelings that we all know are contributed to, and reinforced by, always apologizing for and second-guessing ourselves.


In a world that’s always pushing and pulling each of us in so many directions at the same time, every choice we make has the potential to leave us feeling wrong, out of place, and not good enough – even in our own skin.

It’s an inescapable truth: no matter what we do, someone is going to have something to say about it – online, in media, and in person. We’re constantly bombarded with (dare we say unsolicited?) opinions and expectations about our lives, our choices and our bodies, and there’s just no way to make everybody happy.

So, we’re opting out. That’s it. We’re saying  #sorrynotsorry to that whole rigged setup, because we know that – deep down – the only opinion that really matters is our own! And while we understand (at least, on an intellectual level?) that people’s perception of us says more about them than anything else, it can still take some mental heavy lifting to unlearn all the social conditioning we’ve lived through our entire lives.

That’s why we wanted to get behind the Non-Apology campaign, which serves as a reminder that, amidst all the noise of expectations, standards and opinions, the act of showing up exactly as we want to is revolutionary! And moving through the world in a way that feels authentic to who we are is something to embrace and celebrate – not apologize for!


“It’s time to celebrate strong women and inspire women to overcome biases that are set by mainstream society. We don’t just want to start conversations; we want to see the change finally happening. It’s time to re-think how often we as women say sorry and apologize for ourselves, and it’s time to do
something about it,” says Sabine Herskind, Creative Director at Goodiebox.

There’s a long way to go before the ‘sorry’ of today is a thing of the past, but we can all be part of the change in the meantime. It starts with dropping the ‘sorries’, as well as the mindset that we need to apologize for taking care of ourselves, for expressing our needs, wishes and styles… for just being who we are!

Consider this your invitation to shake off the guilt and shame that might be following you around, maybe even more than you realize, and step into a new attitude – Unapologetically!

Courtesy of Goodiebox

Here’s a little more about the Non-Apology campaign, and how you can get involved!

Earlier this year, our pals at Goodiebox commissioned an independent study into the extent to which women feel guilty. And the result is shocking: 83 percent of all women are still struggling with the feeling of guilt on a regular basis. Women feel guilty in everyday situations. They rethink and underplay almost every aspect of the way they live. From being too assertive to being too nice, not having the time for friends, for wearing make-up, for not wearing makeup, society has a way of making women feel like everything they do is wrong.

With the launch of the Non-Apology campaign, Goodiebox is vowing to do away with those undeserved feelings of guilt and take back the right of women to be exactly who they want, and to pursue their happiness in their own way!

For those of you who haven’t “met” Goodiebox yet, it couldn’t come at a better time: It’s a monthly beauty and self-care box that gets delivered right to your door for some much-needed (and well-deserved!) you time. Between school, work, family, social life and the never-ending list of other daily obligations, we often end up putting ourselves last. Goodiebox is here to remind you that time for yourself, where you’re pampered and have space to recharge, is just as important as everything else on the to-do list! And that you should never feel guilty for choosing this time for yourself over something else. We can’t pour into others from an empty cup, right?

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That’s why the Non-Apology campaign is so important, and the #sorrynotsorry hashtag has resonated with so many women.

The campaign video above was made in co-creation with actual Goodiebox members who were asked to share what they feel guilty about. The video features many individual, yet relatable feelings of guilt – including body stigmatization, women’s struggle to meet society’s role expectations, as well as their everlasting inner struggle of never feeling ‘enough’.

Goodiebox is aiming to establish a ‘women supporting women’ culture in which women celebrate and embrace all the things they purposefully decided not to feel guilty for anymore. By speaking up with their Non-Apologies and claiming the words #sorrynotsorry, we can help empower one another to break free of the feeling guilty for doing what feels best for them.

Add your voice to the mix by posting your own
Non-Apology in the comments on Instagram and Facebook.

Want to learn more about Goodiebox and the Non-Apology campaign? Go ahead and check out their Instagram and website, where you can also sign up to get your first box of unapologetic you time!


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