The Latest Commercial From Billie Is Legendary

Watch the latest ad from Billie, the first ever women’s razor company to portray female body hair and encourage you to do you when it comes to your own preferences.

Check out the latest summer ad campaign from Billie, the first ever women’s razor brand to portray actual body hair (via the internet). For decades, advertising for women’s hair removal products has featured mysteriously hairless limbs being “shaved” for demonstration purposes, and to simultaneously reaffirm a hairless standard by default. Billie bravely switched the script last year with a commercial raising awareness to the fact that yes, indeed, women do have body hair and it’s every woman’s choice what to do with it.

The most recent Fourth of July-themed ad, directed by Ashley Armitage, shows natural bodies in all their glory, challenging the taboo of female body hair and encouraging women to “Red, White and You do You”. This badass campaign embraces the natural beauty of the female body while serving as a friendly reminder to go with your personal preferences whenever humanly possible. Here’s the deal:

Cheers to Billie, feeling fly AF and embracing the fuzz this summertime. Go forth and you do you!


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