Listen up! The Hot Girls Podcast With Lex on the Decks is Back with More Deep Conversations on the *sighs* Still Male-dominated Music Industry

We’ve all been gifted with another season of the podcast which explores the inequality of the music bizz and celebrates badass female talent.

Hot Girls Podcast with Lex On the Decks
From left to right: Akua Ofei (producer), Tai Lokun (Mix curator), Lex (founder & host) Photo by Karan Teli @karanteli24

There’s always room for one more podcast right? One more opportunity to learn something you didn’t know before. One more opportunity to learn about new people you didn’t know about. One more opportunity to get a little more inspired than you were before you pressed play.

Well, we think so, and apparently we’re not the only ones loving the Hot Girls podcast hosted by London DJ Lex on the Decks. Consistently claiming a spot on the Apple Top 10 Podcasts and previously featured on Esquire’s top Culture Podcasts of 2020, the honest interviews and in-depth history lessons about some of the great women that have shaped the world of music make up for the perfect way to pleasure both your ears and mind.

Returning with the fourth season, Alexandra Hearth aka Lex on the Decks continues to explore the music industry and create room for honest conversations of the underrepresentation in the business that we all know is there and needs to change.

The Hot Girls Podcast
Artwork by Sean Ryan @badlydrawndjs

Throughout 17 new episodes with a mix of interviews and biography episodes, this season touches upon the challenges and opportunities of building back the industry and moving forward past the pandemic.

You’ll meet some exciting guests representing an array of different fields within the UK creative industry. Take for instance the duo Blue Lab Beats who’re using their platform to encourage more women to get into music production or the portrait, music and street photographer Ellie Ramsden who’s self-published the photo book ‘Too Many Man: Women of Grime’ and uses her work to start important conversations and offer new perspectives on gender equality.

Hot Girls Podcast | Lex On The Decks | The Hot Girls Podcast

“When you start with a genuine desire to understand, it creates space for really open and honest conversations, and that’s what Hot Girls has become. Coming into Season 4, we wanted to keep digging into the industry but in a forward facing way. Talking with our guests about their journeys while looking ahead to how we can build back a more diverse and creatively exciting industry.” – Lex on the Decks

While previous seasons of the podcast have had a focus on mainly the hip hop and electronic scene, this season is exploring the inspiring stories of everyone from Nina Simone, Enya and Amy Winehouse to Nelly Furtado, Alicia Keys and Chaka Khan.

The Hot Girls podcast was founded in 2020 by London DJ Lex On The Decks and sees Akua Ofei as creative producer. While it was founded on the base of the not-so-optimistic statistics of the many ‘Best Of’-lists that come out each year, the podcast is a positive and educational space as well as a celebratory platform for alle the amazing women and non-binaries in music.

Engage with the Hot Girls podcast and the universe of Lex On The Decks through her instagram and find all episodes of the Hot Girls Podcast here.

Listen to the first episode of the fourth season of Hot Girls in which Ellie Ramsden tells the story of how she self-published her first ever photo book.

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