The Gals From Spring & I Are The Self-Made New Kids On The Block

We spoke to Ditte Angelo and Marie Friis of Danish electropop band, Spring & I, about their beginnings in music, why they choose to do what they do and the state of women in the music industry.

Meet Spring & I, an awe-inspiring electronic duo with mad style and an individualistic yet cozy charm that progresses with the music industry’s increasingly independent streak. Having opened for equally inventive acts like Sylvan Esso and Kill J in the past, their emergence on the music scene has attracted attention for the somehow both soft and vulnerable while casually hardcore energy to their music. Beyond their ability to seamlessly adapt towards writing, arranging, producing and promoting everything by themselves, the message behind the music speaks to deeply personal and relatable topics about life. At the end of the day, this lively duo captures human existence from an adventurous and honest lens.

Their latest single is a futuristic, warm tune called “Try”, which zooms in on the experience of falling short of expectations despite a person’s best efforts. We had the opportunity to chat with Spring & I about their personal backgrounds, stepping out as fully independent artists and their close friendship essentially reaching wife-status. Tune in!

So, what’re your personal backgrounds / what brought you to where you are now?

We are small-town girls raised to be humble and not make a big deal out of ourselves. When we started creating electro music we realized that we got something pretty cool going on and that it’s totally fair to want to show it to everyone!

What drew you to music as a form of expression? When did you begin making your own music?

Before we met nine years ago, Marie played the guitar and Ditte played the piano, but neither of us were singing. We quickly bonded over our taste in music and kinda pushed each other into singing. We completely fell in love with the harmonious sound of our voices together and couldn’t stop playing around in the studio continuing to create new stuff.

How would you describe your relationship to music, overall?

Definitely an open relationship constantly evolving. We are mostly drawn to electronic but find inspiration in basically every genre. For example, our way of writing vocals is inspired by indie-pop and this is combined with our love for house/techno beats.

Y’all are some badass female powerhouses, doing all the work yourselves, from writing to producing and promoting the finished product. What’s that like and why did you make this decision?

As completely independent artists, we have been able to try out a lot of different things since we have not felt the requirement to fit into a certain box. We feel goddamn powerful being our own bosses since we then only do what we find awesome and have full control! We have been signed in the past but we felt strongly that we still needed to mess around to find out what Spring & I really was, and to be able to do so we needed to have zero people expecting anything from us. Since we have learned a lot from this decision and as we are able to do a whole lot ourselves, we are okay with waiting for the right collaborators to come along.

How do you view the music industry from a female perspective?

There is no doubt that women face more resistance in the music industry then men. We have to make a bigger effort to be taken seriously and we need to prove our worth much more. Being a female producer in itself is something people have a hard time believing – for some time we had a male drummer with us when we played concerts and we quickly realized that the audience immediately thought that he must have produced the music! For that reason alone, it has become a matter of principle for us that when we perform, it should only be the two of us on stage. Being a woman in the music industry you also get judged on [different] parameters than men – for example our looks play a much bigger role, almost bigger than the music itself, and to take distance from this, we have chosen not to appear in our latest music videos and instead we have had other people acting in them.

What’s the dynamic like between the two of you as creators?

We are incredibly close friends and refer to each other as each others’ ‘wife’. Creating music is kinda like a marriage! If one of us isn’t satisfied with something along the process we don’t hold our opinion back. We get annoyed with each other, but at the same time we acknowledge that we need room for being completely honest about it – because music means the world to both of us. This has given us a huge faith in one another which is crucial being only the two of us.

What is your writing/producing process like? Does it differ?

We play around a lot and the producing process often becomes quite patchwork-like. Computer-based music is super flex so we can produce wherever and whenever! We often start working on our tracks separately, then send it back and forth between us and finally meet up in our underground studio to finish it all up together.

“Try” is an amazing single out. Can you share the story behind it?

‘Try’ is a song about the pressure we feel from what is expected of us. Expectations from society, from and to our friends, lovers and people in general – the fact that you genuinely want to live up to these but never really get there because of lack of time and energy. It’s about this passive and destructive state of mind where you have all good intentions to achieve it all but get lost trying.

You guys are pretty new on the scene so far. How is it being the “new kids” on the block in the music industry, so to speak?

We love it! We would rather stay the new kids on the block forever than try to please everyone and lose ourselves in the process! It’s really important for us to stay true to ourselves and the music we like and then we can only hope that all of you like it too.

What are your goals for your music – or just in general? 🙂

Right now, we really hope to see a lot of beautiful dancing faces at our concerts around DK in November and that you all will listen to our newly released singles ‘Try’ and ‘Trippin’’!!

We will keep on evolving until we are ready to take over the world, sis 😉

Thanks gals, best of luck!!


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