The Documentary Providing A Fresh Perspective On US Politics

‘Knock Down The House’ follows Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), the twenty-something Latina bartender from the Bronx who went on to win a key congressional seat for her NYC district. This grassroots campaign is what politics should look like.

Still from ‘Knock The House Down’ 2019

Praise be – this year, Knock The House Down is officially streaming on Netflix worldwide. The full-length documentary is directed by Rachel Lears and follows now-politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ journey from Bronx bartender to becoming the youngest member of congress at just twenty-eight years old. Her platform stands for everything President (ew) Trump is not: the farthest left, insistently progressive and inclusive on every front. Her solution was nothing short of a blood, sweat and tears concoction of hardcore canvassing and passionate belief in action. Spoiler alert: it pays off.

All in all, this in-depth film is a stark look at the reality for women in politics in the US and a triumphant example of how genuine grassroots campaigns can actually work, apart from career politicians, millions of dollars in PAC (political action committee) money and the classic middle-aged white dude haircut. Inspire yourself and get woke with AOC!



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