“You’re Lucky You’re Hot”: Teresa Cullen on Sexism in Sports

Our bestie-on-a-board Teresa Cullen aka @femme.solo shares her thoughts about sexism in sports

teresa cullen
Teresa Cullen / FemmeSolo.com

Words by Teresa Cullen, aka @femme.solo

Has anyone ever had their achievements completely belittled by this statement? Or heard someone discredit another woman’s accomplishments with something like; ‘yea but it’s easier for girls’ or ‘yea, she got that because she’s hot though’.

This isn’t one of those man hating blog posts, of course not…. or maybe slightly… I’ve just been and bought my first menstral cup this morning and my period is coming after years of not having one, so I’m feeling extra ‘feminism-y’ today.

Too much information?

FEMME.SOLO | sexism | teresa cullen
Katie Ellis– Belfast. Rider for Kaleidoscope Skatebords. Boss!

Anywho.. Yesterday it hit me straight in the face, this casual sexism that is still ingrained in society. This time it came from someone very close to me. He said ‘You’re lucky you’re hot..’ in response to an opportunity that came my way (because I worked damn hard for it). He blew those 4 words to me as if blowing me a kiss.. as if I was supposed to say thank you or something? IT’S NOT A FUCKING COMPLIMENT BOYS.

Much to my surprise I stayed calm and gently pointed out that what he just said was FUCKING STUPID. However, it turns out that he was just as surprised as I was to realise the consequence of his words. Surprised and embarrassed that he (who considers himself a feminist) could make such a comment so casually and assume I would receive it as a compliment.

We see it time and time again with women in sport, especially board sports. Dudes believe that we only get sponsors because ‘we’re hot’ completely disregarding the fact that we spend just as much time on a board as they do, have just as much passion and twice as much determination because lets face it, women are disadvantaged from the outset being a minority.

FEMME.SOLO | sexism | teresa cullen
Maria Kuzma, Mayrhofen. Rider for Ride Snowboards and North Face. Queen!

These preconceived ideas that both men and woman have in their heads about girl pros being ‘posers’ is point blank idiotic. When I’ve been faced with the ‘she doesn’t even ride’ claim from friends in the past I have almost just taken their word as gospel, never questioned it. Now I have gained the voice to question them; Do you know her personally? Do you ever ride in the same spots and see this with your own eyes? Or are you gaining this presumption from Instagram and are bitter about your own accomplishments so you decide to make up false narratives about others and tell yourself they really are factual to make yourself feel better?

‘I wish I was a girl it would be so easy’. Yea right, try doing a kickflip with excruciating cramps and blood pouring out your vagina. NEXT.

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