Talking Tunes Podcast: Taura Lamb and her “New Normal”

Our chat with UK singer, songwriter and producer Taura Lamb and her producer Pearse MacIntyre, going into depth on their latest bouncy pop track ‘New Normal’.

taura lamb
Taura Lamb

Hey, music lovers – My name is Vakle and I’m a music producer. On the Talking Tunes podcast, I invite artists in to share about the songwriting and production of one of their songs! It’s a podcast that centers women and gender minorities, and gives artists a little free space to really go deep about their work. Today, we’re talking with Taura Lamb, the UK singer, songwriter and producer, together with her producer Pearse MacIntyre about their bouncy track “New Normal”.

We go into depth about how Taura dealt with not being able to sing for months and how she bounced back singing as quickly as she could when writing this song. Both Taura and Pearse recorded and produced several versions before deciding on the best route to go – and why is that? Might be a good thing for you to try too!

taura lamb

“Whatever you do – learn to produce a bit even if you feel like you’re not a producer. You need to be able to have the basic skills to be able to talk to a producer and verbalise what you’re imagining.”
-Taura Lamb

The production on this track is a bouncy pop vibe and Pearse lets us in on both favorite synth plugins and just how to keep it simple but still with an edge and coolness to it. Taura also talks about just why she wanted someone else to produce this track, when she is also capable of producing, and just how she managed to track down Pearse to do it!

taura lamb
Taura Lamb

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