Talking Tunes Podcast: Rebecca Lou on her New Single “Capitalism Kills”

Our chat with Danish singer/songwriter Rebecca Lou bold decisions and not giving into capitalism.

rebecca lou

Hey, music lovers – My name is Vakle and I’m a music producer. On the Talking Tunes podcast, I invite artists in to share about the songwriting and production of one of their songs! It’s a podcast that centers women and gender minorities, and gives artists a little free space to really go deep about their work. Today, we’re talking with Rebecca Lou, the singer/songwriter from Copenhagen whose album Heavy Metal Feelings is already streaming on all your favorite platforms. Tune in!

Rebecca talks about the choices she has made to avoid falling into the habits of capitalism – which often don’t work well with being an artist and the way artists live. She has made some bold decisions to get where she is, taking everything about how she lives under review and making deliberate choices about how she wanted to do things moving forward.

She also talks us through the writing and production process for this track, going from the voice memo app on her phone to her first producer, Lasse Hansen, to figure out what potential it had, before finally making its way to her last producer, Søren Buhl Lassen, who finished it up. 

There’s a lot of ground to cover, and we hope you love hearing from Rebecca Lou and digging into her music! And as a parting note: This episode wraps up Season Two of our Talking Tunes podcast! Thanks so much for listening, sharing and geeking out with us over all the amazing artists we’ve had the chance to speak with. See you next season!

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