Talking Tunes Podcast: Alina Smith on Her Single ‘Hollywood Heart’

LA-based producer Alina Smith on her Single ‘Hollywood Heart’, favorite plugins and how working as a producer for others and yourself is both hard and super awesome!

alina smith
Alina Smith

Hey, music lovers – My name is Vakle and I’m a music producer. On the Talking Tunes podcast, I invite artists in to share about the songwriting and production of one of their songs! It’s a podcast that centers women and gender minorities, and gives artists a little free space to really go deep about their work. Today, we’re talking with Alina Smith.

Alina is an LA-based producer, working in music for many years and with many different artists. She takes us through the her single ‘Hollywood Heart’ step by step, goes in depth with production and vocal production on this vocal heavy song.

Alina also shares a bit about her life having produced professionally for several years working with everything from established artists to brand new ones across a variety of genres. ‘Hollywood Heart’ is a pop r&b track with a smooth production and Alina takes us through all of it, while passing along some of the lessons she’s learned along the way.

If you wanna know how to do those brilliant backing vocals and ad libs, this episode will have your back!

alina smith

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