Talking Gender Equality at the (free!) Good Business Festival on October 8th

We’ll be streaming along as our Girls Are Awesome partnerships guru, Thandi Allin Dyani, speaks on one of Thursday’s panels – and you can too!

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Photo: Anastasiya Pavlova

This Thursday, October 8th is The Good Business Festival, a free in-person *and* online event in Liverpool from 10am – 8:45pm. On the docket are organizations, corporations and thought-leaders from a number of sectors who believe in the power of business to create positive societal change.

There’s no shortage of fascination panel discussions throughout the day, but we’re a bit partial to the one entitled, “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s Man’s World. Or is it?“; it’s a panel about the urgency of gender equality featuring our Girls Are Awesome colleague, Thandi Allin Dyani, in conversation with Erika Rushton, Ekaterina Khaletskay and Claudia Valladares. The Good Business Festival’s landing page describes this talk as follows:

“In 2020, the Women Count report found that companies with greater numbers of female execs bring in 10 times greater profits. But simultaneously, women are being harder hit by the Covid-19 crisis, being more likely to lose their jobs and suffer pay cuts whilst their care and domestic duties increase.

Women are more vulnerable to the economic effects of any crises because of existing gender inequalities, but what’s good for gender equality is good for the economy and society too, so why aren’t we there yet?

This session is presented by The WOW (Women of the World) Foundation who are building a global movement that believes a gender equal world is desirable, possible and urgently required. Together we’ll ask why Covid-19 is having a regressive effect on gender equality, how we can act right now to reverse the damage and what critical steps are needed to achieve a more equal future for all.”

ethical buisness | gender equality | thandi
Image: IG – @TheGoodBusinessFestival

One of the great things about this festival is that it’s not only free (!), but also accessible to all via livestream. Virtual attendees can sign up to “attend” the event by visiting the registration page, and can spend the day learning from experts about a better way forward for business. And, in the meantime, follow along on the Festival’s Instagram for the most up-to-the-minute info about the event. See you there!


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