Take a Peek Into Simone Klimmeck’s Flash Book

Deliciously detailed designs from one of Berlin's most hyped emerging tattoo talents.

If you dive into the big, murky sea of tattoo artists on Instagram, be warned: you may get stranded in a whirlpool of oh-so-cute floral back pieces, triangular everything and questionable stick ‘n pokes. Yes, navigating cookie-cutter millennial tattoo trends on social media is not for the faint of heart —but there’s a silver lining in the form of Berlin-based tattoo artist Simone Klimmeck.

Take a look at her Instagram, and you’ll see tattoos full of experimental surrealist imagery, art nouveau-inspired lines and richly executed human and animal anatomies. Although she’s new on the tattoo scene, Klimmeck’s motifs are mostly drawn from the vintage and bizarre, not the trendy; and while she hasn’t been tattooing for that long, she already boasts an impressive style and quality of execution.

We like Simone’s tattoos so much that we asked to see the process behind them—as in, her flash book. Here are a few key pieces she’s designed; if you want to get one or simply want to feast your eyes on the rest, check out her Instagram.