Linnea Bullion Shoots to Kill

We asked the LA-based photographer to tell us about the places that stole her heart.

Copenhagen | Edited! | linnea bullion

Los Angeles-based photographer Linnea Bullion is our ladykillin’ angel. When not capturing the world’s beauty with her shooter, she strives to drive on lonely roads or spend too much time thinking about how impressive it is that freshwater fish can grow to such large sizes––or maybe even doing both.


2013 Copenhagen, Denmark.
Copenhagen will always hold a very dear place in my heart. I shot this on my third trip to CPH––during the last official Copenhagen Pro skate contest in 2013. I haven’t been back since, but often find my mind wandering to those summer evenings.


2011 Barcelona, Spain.
This tableau is the group of British boys who took me under their wing while I was studying abroad in Barcelona in 2011. I’d never really hung out with skateboarders before––and I was fascinated by the way they saw the world. I still keep in touch with a few of these guys. Squad.


2011 Jüterbog, Germany.
I shot this in a town an hour outside of Berlin and it’s been one of my favorite photographs ever since. That decisive moment, you know?


2015. Los Angeles, CA.
Rob Sheridan doing what he does best––“dorky cool” (those are Godzilla slippers on his feet). I felt that I had to include at least one photo from LA––if nothing more than because of an acknowledgment of the fact that “Whoa, I live here now” (9 months in and it still hasn’t really sunk in). 


2013. Copenhagen, Denmark.
If you’ve hung out in Fælledparken or Christiania you’ve no doubt seen Isak. I met him on my first trip to Copenhagen in 2011, and we’ve been friends since. The first day we met, we talked about everything from religion to Xbox. Multiple people had told me that it’s very hard to make friends with the Danish if you’re not going to be around for a while–I found that to be very untrue. 


2013. San Diego, CA.
I shot this during my first ever visit to San Diego. Now that I live in Los Angeles I actually work once a week in San Diego––but at the time of this photograph I was still living in Minnesota and California seemed like a far-off, magical place. I try to remember that feeling and carry it with me even after having moved to CA.


2013. San Francisco, CA.
I shot this portrait of Raven Tershy on my first visit to Northern California. This spot isn’t a secret (and with a view like that, why would it be???), but this portrait is still one of my favorites I’ve ever shot.


2011. Berlin, Germany.
We spend so much time waiting for things. Checkouts, trains… I like to wait for photographs too, often in places where everyone else is waiting.


2013. Minneapolis, MN.
I shot this portrait of Kenny Anderson at the Familia HQ in Minneapolis when the Converse team was in town for a demo. I met Kenny in Barcelona in 2012, and we’ve run into each other here and there since. I don’t know if he remembers this, but I’ll never forget sitting next to him that below-freezing night in Minnesota when, pausing to look around at the guys skating, he turned to me and said, “Until the day I die, that will be the most beautiful sound in the world.”


2014. New Mexico.
I wasn’t too worried about the storm while I was shooting, but a few frames after this one, I realized that I should probably get back into my car. Lucky I did; a few seconds afterwards it started pouring.


2013. Selfie
Narcissism at it’s finest! I am truly a byproduct of my generation. When I first started experimenting with off-camera flash and strobes, I was flustered by my lack of time and access to models. So I started shooting self-portraits! This is the first self-portrait that I had a strong concept for. I didn’t intend it to become a series, but a series it has become (Cindy Sherman is my spirit animal).

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