Amanda Kievet’s Envy-Inducing Travel Photography

More proof that you should probably stop wasting all your money on 2 am kebab feasts and shitty clubs.

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When it comes to photojournalists we know, Amanda Kievet is one of our favorites. And damn, the wanderlust she provokes! Now, after spending her early twenties across twenty two countries with her camera in tow, Amanda hung up her backpack to learn to code. These days she is happy to be a full-time web developer in New York City.


Hai Van Pass, Vietnam (2014)

The Hai Van Pass is at roughly the halfway point between line between north and south Vietnam, and marks a swift change of climate. At this point in our drive from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, we had a week of dry and warm weather behind us, and we were excited to photograph the epic mist. Little did we know it foreshadowed the misadventure through the damp and cold for the second part of the trip.


No rain on the Klaralven (2012)

This was the last morning of a 4 day canoeing trip in the countryside of Sweden. After two hypothermia-inducing days of rain on the river, and a tight but dry night for three people in a two person tent, the sun finally came out.


Klara (2013)

I love the oranges in Klara’s hair, the coffee mug, and the feather.


Marrakesh, Morocco (2012)

I love the tone of this photo — the warmth of the light and the buzzing commerce of the market. I especially like the portrait hanging behind the sweets vendor.


May on Mendota (2011)

This is one of the first photos I shot on 35mm of my best friend, May in our college town of Madison, Wisconsin. It so thoroughly encompasses the mood of the city during the summer — Wisconsin beers, heat, and the outdoors.


Vietnam (2014)

My old Honda Win that I bought in HCMC and sold to a backpacker in Hanoi to drive it back down. She got me and my big red backpack across the country and never failed to look sexy.


Adirondacks (2015)

I love telling a story with my photographs. This was taken from a firetower on Vanderwhacker Mountain in the Adirondacks. The view was spectacular, but I think the sun shining through my well-deserved summit snack made a better story.


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2013)

I lived in a guesthouse in an alley in HCMC for six months and got to know the local characters as much as I could knowing no Vietnamese. They humored my photography and allowed me to take their portraits. This is my favorite. He’s probably enjoying a beer to celebrate the victory of his bird in a cock fight.

Edited! | nature | sure shot

Mui Ne to Dalat (2014)

One more from the road trip through Vietnam. I love the Vietnamese countryside and riding past herds of animals on the roads with rice paddies and mountains as the scenery.


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