Support Your Local Artists: Meet Ravi Kuma

We’ve teamed up with Brooklyn to celebrate two amazing new artists that needs your support and fullest attention. Meet Ravi Kuma!

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Picture this: You’re at a concert. The changing lights from the stage paints the people around you in different colors. You’re sweating, but it’s alright. You’re spitting as you sing out loud, but it’s alright. You see happy faces wherever you look and hundreds of other people singing the same lyrics as you. Your body moves without you even thinking about it and all of a sudden the artist you’ve come to see jumps down the stage and starts screaming “WHY’ YOU MOTHERFUCKERS KEEP STARING AT MY DICK?!” to you and your friends; “STARING AT MY DICK, STOP STARING AT MY DICK” you echo together with the rest of the crowd.

The artist screaming her lungs out in the middle of the crowd is Sharon Kumaraswamy, one half and the front person of the up and coming Danish electronic hip hop duo Ravi Kuma who’s become a live-favorite all across Denmark with their limitless and liberating shows and tracks like “Staring at My Dick”, “Take off My Scarf”, “Only Make Out With Myself” and “Fuck This Shit I’m Gonna Be A Princess”.

This past year has been hard on new acts like Ravi Kuma, and while we can’t book our favorite new artists for gigs like we’d normally do, we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Brooklyn Brewery to show our support in other ways. Last week we presented the exciting rap-newcomer FVN, and now’s your chance to get closer to Sharon Kumaraswamy of Ravi Kuma.

On a solid base of captivating, often bass-heavy and dance-friendly beats created by producer Aske Knudsen, Sharon delivers humorous, politically aware punchlines about everything from gender stereotypes and immigration-issues to excessive career lives and self-love.

Get to know Sharon of Ravi Kuma more below and remember to support your favorite artists the best you can. Stream their tracks, share their music and stay tuned on what’s happening, so you’re ready to grab your ticket once they’re back on stage! 

You’re very expressive both in your music and live performances. Has it always been important for you to express yourself – did you ever doubt that you shouldn’t? 

– Writing music becomes much more natural for me, when I feel a bunch of stuff. Ravi Kuma became my gateway to express my thoughts, questions, feelings and frustrations through awesome music. I never doubted my ways of expressing myself. If someone frowned on my ways of expressing myself, it would only make me want to do it even more explicit. 

What are you doing to discover upcoming artists? Any good advice on finding new music? 

– Discover new music through the people around you. Music is amazing in your own earphones, but sharing it, is even more amazing. I never stick to just one genre – There is so much more than just hip hop.
And if you don’t limit yourself, you can just go on and on discovering music.

brooklyn | Brooklyn Brewery | FVN
Photo by Alexander Hjorth Jespersen

What is the biggest compliment anyone could ever give you on your music? 

– Our music isn’t the most typical playlist type of music, so just the fact that someone plays our music, if it’s in their car, shower, kitchen, preparty gathering, makes us happy. And if we get a video of their Ravi Jam, we definitely get mini boners in our hearts!

Can you recall the feelings running through your body when you crowd-surf and describe it for us? 

– Last time I crowdsurfed was just about a year ago. And I’m counting down the days until I can do it again! Hands all over your body, just carrying you around while everyone is singing lyrics you wrote once in your tiny bathroom – It’s a surreal feeling I can’t describe.

brooklyn | Brooklyn Brewery | FVN
Photos by Alexander Hjorth Jespersen

We also put together a kickass video portrait featuring Sharon as part of our #SupportYourLocalArtists series with Brooklyn Brewery – complete with behind-the-scenes moments and live rap you can’t find anywhere else. Make sure to check that out here!


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