Support Your Local Artists: Meet FVN

We’ve teamed up with Brooklyn to celebrate two amazing new artists that needs your support and fullest attention. First up, it’s FVN!


It comes as no surprise that this past year has been hard on artists who use live performances as their most important tool to get their music out and to get cash in, so they can get back into the studio and create all the tunes we fill our ears with every day. 

We want to show our support in a time where we can’t book shows so we’ve joined forces with our friends at Brooklyn to let you know about two of our absolute favorite up and coming artists at the moment!

First up, do yourself a favor and dive into the hard hitting, punchline-heavy universe of FVN, who recently unleashed her lit new single “Shit”.

Since FVN started releasing music in 2019, she’s steadily been building up to become one of the absolute ones-to-watch on the Danish hip hop scene in 2021. Having a global pandemic cancelling the majority of her shows in 2020 didn’t force the determined artist to stop, and with the release of singles such as “Like Boom” and “Work” and her debut EP Twenty Sexy Playlist, FVN placed her name on the lips of music industry people, critics and curious hip hop fans in 2020.

Now she’s ready to make 2021 an even more groundbreaking year, and we want to do everything we can to see that happen. As optimistic about the future as she is confident about her work, FVN enters the industry with a rap game that almost came to her out of nowhere when she wrote her first verse for a feature. She always loved rap but needed a friendly push from her manager and DJ to go into the studio and realize that she’d got something going on. She had no idea she could really rap, before the punchlines, bars, rhymes and flawless flow just came out of her all of a sudden.

We’re glad they did, cause it’s enriched us with some of the hottest tracks of 2020 and a hunger for more to come in the year ahead.

Get to know FVN more below and remember to support your favorite artists the best you can. Stream their tracks, share their music and stay tuned on what’s happening, so you’re ready to grab your ticket once they’re back on stage! 

So, we know freestyles are really important to you. Can you explain why?

– I like freestyles cause they allow you to really show your skills as both an MC and a lyricist. Also they are short and sweet. Sometimes we don’t need a whole song lol. 

Who would be some of your dream collaborators? 

– I have so so so many. I mean number one is obviously Beyoncé! But if I had to mention others it would be Leikeli47, Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi – a lot of other female rappers, and also GoldLink, which is a bit random cause I don’t really listen to his music like that. But I have a feeling we could create madness. 

What does it take for you to be proud of a song? 

– When I surprise myself, uh, I get so happy! Okay, this is a bit hard to explain, but I’m a fairly new artist, I don’t know half of the things that I’m capable of, so when I write something that slaps or flow in a way that I’ve never flowed or just do something different that works, I get really happy!

FVN by Amalie Ivalo
Photo: Amalie Ivalo

We also put together a kickass video portrait featuring FVN as part of our #SupportYourLocalArtists series with Brooklyn – complete with behind-the-scenes moments and live rap you can’t find anywhere else. Make sure to check that out here, and come back next week when we drop our interview with Ravi!


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