Sun-Soaked, Dreamy Pics Capturing the Power of Female Friendship in Tel Aviv

FRIENDSHIP GOALS, courtesy of Laura Kaczmarek and Heckmecks.

Among millennials, Tel Aviv enjoys a reputation that’s somewhat miraculously removed from the rest of Israel. While Israel is consistently portrayed as a focal point of political strife and conflict in the media, Tel Aviv is praised for its atmosphere of total freedom. While Israeli foreign policy is fiercely disputed by governments and citizens around the globe, Tel Aviv gets props for its culture of openness and infectious lust for the enjoyable things in life (dancing, eating, drinking, lounging on the beach, etc…). Ultimately, Tel Aviv seems like an island within Israel—a welcome escape from the political debate and starkly real indeed conflict the rest of the country is constantly engaged in. For these reasons, Tel Aviv has become a tourist destination and point of inspiration for young creatives everywhere—including photographers like Laura Kaczmarek.

To gather material for her upcoming photography book, Laura Kaczmarek headed down to the Israeli city to capture its striking architecture, winding markets and vibrant street life. She also headed there to check out its skate spots—so it only made sense that she brought her crew of besties and skaters, Heckmecks, along for the ride and to meet up with Israeli skate crew Jerusalem Skater Girls.

Photographer Tina Willim was there to capture the whole thing, and her photo series resulting from the trip communicates one key message: female friendship is an energetic force that has no parallel. There’s something organic about the vibe you can practically feel surging between Heckmecks: whether they’re nonchalantly leaning on each other, giggling around or simply enjoying quiet moments on their own, you can just tell that they’re tight AF. Now, we can’t prove what we’re about to say— but we bet that if Willim had shot a bunch of guys instead of Heckmecks, the series wouldn’t feel nearly as intimate.

So check out these photos to get a feel for Tel Aviv and be softly reminded of what makes your crew of besties rad. Plus, keep an eye out for more stories about Laura doing her thing in Tel Aviv soon.