Strip Down, Rise Up: The Netflix Documentary Empowering Women Through Movement

The power of pole dancing is on full display in the Netflix documentary “Strip Down, Rise Up”

strip down
Courtesy of Netflix

After almost two decades, pole instructor and creator of S Factor Sheila Kelley knows “that taking the pole and reframing it allows for the personal reclamation of the feminine body, mind, heart and soul,” as she says in Netflix’s new documentary “Strip Down, Rise Up”.

“When we reclaim our bodies, we reclaim our stories and our truth,” Sheila says. That’s exactly what she helped several women of all walks of life, ages, and ethnic backgrounds do – and what the documentary captures. These women who volunteered to participate in a 6-month S Factor beginner level workshop at the S-Factor LA Studio were filmed and part of Netflix’s new documentary “Strip Down, Rise Up.” It was trending on Netflix over the weekend and it’s a must-see film that offers an emotional, visually astounding, and unexpected look at the fascinating behind-the-scenes world of pole artistry and expression. 

With so many of us feeling not connected to ourselves and others because of COVID, what Sheila teaches is even more important than ever. Her ability to speak to the feminine part of our bodies and help so many women reconnect is inspiring. “I teach women to move into the fullest integrity of their feminine,” she says in “Strip Down, Rise Up.”

Grab a cup of tea and cozy up on your couch – or throw on your favorite pair of heels! – and check it out on Netflix. It’s a powerful watch that centers female relationships, both in community and within ourselves, and shows the transformational and liberating force of authenticity.

You can find “Strip Down, Rise Up” in your region by clicking here.


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