The Stories Behind Some of Laura Kaczmarek’s Most Touching Photos

The German photographer talks us through the contents of her debut book, and tells us about pissed off grannies and friends hugging it out.

Last weekend, German photographer Laura Kaczmarek published her debut photography book as a result of months spent travelling with her besties, adidas Originals and Girls Are Awesome. Armed with quite the robust fashion, skate and architectural photography portfolio beforehand, her trips to Zurich, Tel Aviv and Innsbruck gave her the chance to turn her lens to something more personal. As we’ve written about already, many of the photos from those trips capture the spark of female friendship, the comfort of crew love and the adrenaline of travel.

As a result, her debut book is a compelling mix of polished fashion imagery, voyeuristic skate photography and raw and warm shots of her best friends. We decided to ask Laura about the stories behind some of our favourite photos in the book. Read what she has to say below.

“On this day, my friend Zeliha and I went to the hairdresser together and she cut her hair down from shoulder-length to 5mm. Directly after the visit, I shot this photo of her.”

“Leilah, the youngest member of our crew, just keeps us young as well. She does what she wants or what comes to her mind. Nothing in this photo is fake: I prefer to take visual imagery like this and don’t want to stage too much.”

“That’s Chris. The granny up in the background had been constantly bitching at us and called the police. She complained that the rail would lose its green color and told us we should we skate on the street. The policeman said that she could buy green paint and paint it again if it bothers her. We don’t often get situations like those, so that was really cool.”

“Alice and Leilah are two very emotional girls who were far away from home, had a deep talk and just needed a hug after that.”

“This is either Deti or Doni; I can never tell them apart. They’re Albanian twins who are totally fixated on gold jewellery.”