Why Stefflon Don is the Perfect Role Model for the New SNIPES Collection

The new collection by global streetwear brand SNIPES drops on March 13th and is all about female empowerment and staying true to yourself. They’ve teamed up with international rap and dancehall sensation Stefflon Don to spread that message.

Stefflon Don x Snipes
Stefflon Don in the new Snipes collection

The European sneaker mainstay SNIPES is dropping a new collection on March 13th and it’s all about female empowerment and celebrating the diversity within ourselves. We, as women can – and should! – be everything we want to be, and genre-blending rap star and face of the new collection Stefflon Don is perfect proof of just that.

With more than 5.78 billion streams worldwide we don’t have to argue why Stephanie Victoria Allen aka global grime, R&B and dancehall sensation Stefflon Don is one of the biggest names in the game.

Stefflon Don x SNIPES

Fellow rappers like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross have already collaborated with SNIPES – one of the biggest sneaker and streetwear retailers in Europe – and now’s the time for Stefflon Don to join the club.

Inspired by the confidence and great ambitions of female 90s rappers, this new collection is here for you whether you want to look sporty, classy, casual, sexy, cosy or somewhere in between, and it’s serving you a range of bold statement pieces like velvet tracksuits, fur jacket luxe and pop-colored fuzzy knits. The key message of the new collection is to be who you want to be and to own it, which is exactly what Stefflon Don is doing and have been doing for decades.

The CCO of SNIPES and one of our time’s biggest producers DJ Khaled is her biggest fan, and we get why.

From concrete to stardom

Although Stefflon Don was always surrounded by music growing up, stardom and international fame weren’t necessarily written in the stars. She didn’t come from a wealthy household and speaking to The Guardian in a recent interview, she explains how, when she was younger, she used to look after her smaller brothers and sisters. She grew up with great responsibilities such as cooking dinner for her six siblings and taking them to school and at age 17 she faced the biggest responsibility of all when she became a mother.

Born to Jamaican parents in the UK, her family moved to Rotterdam in Holland when she was four years old and lived there for about 10 years. Moving back to the UK and relocating to London wasn’t easy, and Don struggled with feeling like an outsider. People looked different in Clapton, East London than they did in Rotterdam, and that made the other kids stare.

Don started out singing and wrote her first song just eight years old, but it never felt right. She was “tired of the embarrassment, tired of being shy,” she tells The Guardian, and it wasn’t until her sister encouraged her to try rapping at 15 that music became her actual force and source of confidence.

Stefflon Don learned how to juggle being a single mother and a rap star on the rise when in 2016, she released her very first mixtape Real Ting, which included the hard-hitting “16 Shots” that you’ve probably heard if you’ve somehow been engaging with the hip hop scene the past years. Less than one year after the release of her debut mixtape, she was shortlisted for BBC’s prestigious “Sound of…” and as another four months passed by, she’d fulfilled her childhood dream of signing a £1 million record deal.

And while that maneuver sometimes means the artist is loosing some sense of influence, Stefflon Don claimed control over her own career by creating her own label, 54 London, as a subsidiary of Universal. Needless to say, it was also a huge accomplishment when she took the title as the first ever British artist to make the coveted XXL Magazine’s annual Freshman List in 2018.

With smash hits like the smooth French Montana featured “Hurtin’ Me”, the catchy “Cigarette” with Raye and Mabel and the inevitable partystarter “Boasty” that she did with Wiley and Idris Elsba, Stefflon Don has put her mark on the global music scene for years now with no sign of that changing anytime soon.

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