Spring & I Have Turned Nelson Can’s “Madness” Into An Irresistible Club Banger

The clubs are all closed, but the Danish electronic duo Spring & I secures your summer dance anthem with their intense remix of Nelson Can’s “Madness”.

Words by Nikoline Skaarup / Photos by Emma Ishøy

It’s hard to understand, that this is the first time Ditte Angelo and Marie Friis – the powerhouses that make Spring & I – are experimenting with remixes. “Madness”, which is taken from another badass act Nelson Can’s latest album So Long Desire, is in its original form a quite intense track, but after being remixed by Spring & I, the song has transcended into a new level of well… madness. With a pulsating bass, house-inspired beats and Selina Gin’s haunting vocals, the insanity of the track is reaching new heights. Imagine the scenes of Sophie Ellis Bextor’s video to “Murder on the Dancefloor” taking place in a dark, dirty and sweaty night club where you’ll need a secret password to get in, and you might be where we’re at after hearing this on repeat for the tenth time.

When Spring & I went into the studio to produce the remix, they promised themselves that they’d have a party while making it and that they’d only release it if they could feel themselves in the final result: “Just like when we produced “Crying 4 U”, it almost wrote itself, when we first got started. Before we even knew, we had another track that we would put on for the dancefloor ourselves!” the girls explain. “As producers, we’re having the most fun just doing whatever we want in the studio and not produce from the perspective of what we think other people want from us. We just hope that people like it as much as we do!”

Spring & I is a Copenhagen-based duo who’s gained great attention with their dreamy and harmonious vocals, melodic soundscapes and bass-heavy electronic productions. They’ve previously opened for acts like Sylvan Esso and Kill J, and if you’re into the alternative electronic pop sound of these fine ladies, you should definitely find yourself checking out Spring & I’s other singles like “Try” and their latest “Crying 4 You” about now.

When we interviewed the girls back in 2019, they told us that they were raised to be humble and not make too big of a deal out of themselves. However, as they started their musical journey, they realized that it’s totally fair to shout out about the cool things you’ve got going on and as completely independent artists, they experienced the need of self-trust in an industry that’s nothing but easy to navigate. When making music, the duo is in total control of everything from the music and live productions to their visual output. After having all their live shows cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the girls are now focusing on their EP which we’re hopefully treated within 2020/2021.

In the meantime, go bananas to the “Madness” remix which will appear on a collection of other club remixes of songs from Nelson Can’s latest record.


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