Babes & Bruises: Carlita the Gypsy

Introducing our new series of stories, where girls who ride tell us about epically bailing and show us their bloody kneecaps. No pain, no gain, right?

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Meet Livia Lancelot, the First Ever Women’s World Champion in the History of Motocross

We talked to the French rider about being the only girl at the start line and breaking the gender gap in action sports.

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“Suck My Trucks!” Berlin Celebrates the Sisterhood of Skateboarding

A few weeks back, Europe’s best up-and-coming female skaters headed to Berlin for Germany’s biggest, girls-only skate competition. We talked to contest organizer Anna Groß about skating in Berlin and why you've gotta tell people to Suck My Trucks sometimes.

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Laura Kaczmarek on Shooting Her Besties on the Curbs and Mountains of Zurich and Innsbruck

We asked the German photographer about taking her crew, Heckmecks, to meet up with Swiss crew Shreddermoes in the lands of cheese fondue and breathtaking views.

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Girls (And Boys) Are Awesome at CPH Open

Australian photographer Elke Numeyer-Windshuttle snapped the sunburnt dudes and skater babes who graced Fælledparken earlier this week.

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Cindy Whitehead Wants You to Know That Girl is NOT a Four Letter Word

We talked to the skateboarding legend about her new project, the importance of sisterhood and pissing off the cops.

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Girls Are Awesome Presents Crap To Bottom Part 6

It feels like just as the season was getting underway, it's over. Here's our last hoorah from the p60 in Laax featuring a gaggle of girls with various sized boobies.

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Girls Are Awesome Presents Crap To Bottom Part 5

We caught Giulia and Johanna for some 'sunrise' pipe lines in the longest cheese tube in the Suisse alps.

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