Artists Across South Asia are Raising Urgent Funds for the COVID-19 Crisis Response in South Asia – and You Can Help!

The FEARLESS IMMUNITY Fundraiser goes live tomorrow, and it’s our chance to make a world of difference for the COVID-19 crisis response across South Asia!

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Hey Girls Are Awesome community – We need you! <3

The COVID-19 situation in South Asia is absolutely critical right now, and we want to do everything we can to raise awareness and funds to support the urgent work on the ground. 

One amazing way to do that is through an art sale fundraiser called Fearless Immunity, featuring 40-50 female artists from all across South Asia. They’re donating the profits from their incredible work to small, hand-selected NGOs on the frontlines of the crisis response, and our participation means the world!

The fundraiser goes live tomorrow, Friday the 21st, and we’d love all of you to mark your calendars and show up to support, amplify, get inspired and grab your new favorite piece of art. 

“We are creating a collective body of work,
each that represents a different organ in need of healing.
Lungs for the oxygen we breathe.
Hands for those who continue to labour on the frontlines.
A Heart for all the emotional trauma and pain that needs to be transformed.

Through this movement, each artist will create an original piece of artwork representing a different part of the body linked to a metaphorical part of our system that calls to be healed.
The funds from the sale of each piece will go directly to different grassroots organizations of the artist’s choosing, diversifying the scope of relief and healing work.”

– Fearless Immunity founders, @fearlesscollective

We’ll be back with all the details tomorrow, so stay close as they say! And in the meantime, give @fearlessimmunity a follow on Instagram so you’ll be among the first to know when the fundraiser goes live!

Stay safe and thanks for always going above and beyond for our sisters!
The Girls Are Awesome crew

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