South African-Mozambican music collective Batuk wants you to move your tush

Batuk just dropped their latest music video Move! and it’s the weekend warm-up track that’s been missing in your life.

We’ve secretly been crushing on Batuk’s front gal Manteiga for quite a while. And maybe it’s those lingering emotions after Valentine’s (cause we’re soft like that) and maybe it’s her pink frilly pants, but we think this might be love.

We’ve been counting down to the weekend since circa Wednesday and South African-Mozambican Batuk’s latest music video Move! lands just in time. Move! is the first single off their sophomore album Kasi Royalty that will be released in May. It’s a kwaito-infused ode to the township roots that shaped Manteiga and Spoek Mathambo – the two forces behind Batuk – and it’s thowing us back to sticky summer nights, backyard parties and beach escapades. It’s also reminding us that it’s about time that we rework our dance repertoire. So whilst we wait for summer to reach the Northern hemisphere, we’ll have Move! on playback, trying to copy-paste those moves.

And while the choreography and dope colour combos in this vid were enough to win us over, we also heard that Move! was directed, produced and styled by women only. Amen.


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