SØNTH: Feminist Synthesizer Collective on Their Tribute Album for Electronic Music Pioneer Suzanne Ciani

With their collective tribute to the electronic musician Suzanne Ciani, SØNTH collective has
unleashed 15 songs celebrating one of the world’s first female synth
heroines on the New Age explorer and avant-garde composer’s 75th birthday. We’ve invited SØNTH Collective to tell a little more about their collective and the concept.

SØNTH collective by Gry Colding
Photo by Gry Colding

We’re a feminist synthesizer-based collective called SØNTH, consisting of the 4 artists ALOO, Cecilie Penney, Excelsior and Sofie Birch, who are all based in Copenhagen, Denmark. SØNTH Collective curates a platform where female musicians can support each other in creating current electronic music of high quality. We are working actively to change the gender balance and representation in electronic music through concerts, joint releases and workshops for and by women and gender minorities.

During the corona pandemic, we started missing the feeling of community we normally find at concerts and events as well as the collaborations that arise around the creative phase. When we saw that Suzanne Ciani turned 75 this summer, we felt like celebrating her, leading our thoughts towards a tribute album based on the inspiration she’s given to all of us. 

We researched Danish synthesizer/producers and invited a total of 25 artists to contribute to a compilation album and we were hoping to end up with as diverse a group as possible. 13 female, transgender & non-binary artists ended up sending their tracks to us, resulting in the joint album 15 Waves for Ciani.

Ciani was one of the world’s first women to work in the field of electronic music and sound design. She was – and still is – a virtuoso in playing and understanding the Buchla synthesizer. Being a woman, or a gender minority composing electronic music, it is extremely important to have role models that remind you of yourself. If we only see men playing electronic music, we are less likely to think that we can do it ourselves. So not only has Ciani been important to electronic music, she has also been very important to the representation of non cis-males on the electronic music scene.  

In the creation of this album we have enjoyed being part of a breeding ground for a community for women and gender minorities. We were amazed by the diversity in sound when we received the tracks from all the different artists. They are all high quality compositions, and whether you’re into ambient soundscapes, clubby beats or more easily-available pop-tracks with an edge, you’ll find them all on the album.

We’re excited to share our space journey – an electronic birthday present for one of our female synthesizer heroes! 

15 Waves for Ciani was released on SØNTH records on Ciani’s birthday June 4th and features the artists: 

Hannah Schneider, Thea Nyboe, Excelsior, Julie Østengaard, ALOO, Cecilie Penney, Anna Lidell, Ingefred, Anna Sharifi, Mari Ruisseau, Elara, Annælix & Raymonde Gaunoux, Slow Ammo, AYO and Rome In Reverse.

More on SØNTH Collective

SØNTH Collective | Suzanne Ciani
Photo by Gry Colding

Our collective consists of the four artists ALOO, Cecilie Penney, Excelsior and Sofie Birch and it’s a community that, in addition to our common love for synthesizers, aims to help create equality in the music industry. We do this through concerts, joint releases and workshops for and by women and gender minorities. We are always open to new ideas for joint projects. Check us out and get in touch on our socials: Facebook | Instagram

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