#SoloFemaleVanlife: How downsizing and getting mobile has opened up a world of possibilities for Teresa

Say hi to our GAA sis, Teresa, who’s been living the #VanLife and living her digital nomad dream!


Hey Girls Are Awesome fam! We’re so excited to share some thoughts and experiences from our sis Teresa, a kitesurfer/snowboarder we met through our #SlayDays event last year. She’s been living the #VanLife dream for about a year and a half now, and we wanted to give you all a little peek at her world.

These past few months of being stuck inside and unable to travel have definitely been an energy drain, to say the (very) least – but seeing someone soak up all the freedom life has to offer is definitely a pick-me-up! Hope this taste of Teresa’s journey from her blog inspires you to dream big about adventures on the other side, even though the dreaming has to be virtual for now. We’ll continue to check back in with her over the next few months, but wanted to introduce her to y’all here with a little video about her van and her travels, and a few lessons from the road!

My name Teresa, I am an Irish girl who has been travelling solo now for 4 years!

My life was on a different path when I was studying to become a school teacher. I have always had a passion for board sports so my love for snowboarding and kitesurfing motivated me to make some drastic changes in my life.

I quit university and began to start pursuing my passion and living MY dream, not somebody else’s. I work as a snowboard coach in the winter months and a kitesurfing coach in the summer months. As my longing for freedom grew stronger, I quickly discovered the van life movement. In 2018 I started my van build and have been living the #SoloFemaleVanlife since February 2019.

With my blog, I hope to inspire others to have the confidence to pursue their passions and live wildly. I aim to be a representative for women in board sports and influence more girls to get involved in snowboarding, skateboarding.. whatever it may be! We are an empowering community!


So… how do you make money on the road?

This is the most common question I get asked about my lifestyle so it seemed like an ideal topic for a post. Do you watch people on Instagram travelling to beautiful destinations ALL the time and think ‘how the hell do they afford that?!’

Well the thing is, it’s actually easy – and we’re not all ‘insta influencers’ by the way! Here is how I support myself financially whilst travelling:

My motivation for travel is to be able to snowboard or kitesurf every day. I am a qualified instructor for both, and that is exactly how I earn my wage whilst I travel. My usual plan of attack is: pick a place I want to go, apply for an instructor job, go there and earn some cash for a few months, use the money to take a month off to travel a little, repeat.

Many people complete this same cycle but with bar jobs, any hospitality work, even babysitting etc. Touristic places have many odd day/ week jobs going too which wouldn’t have you tied to one destination for too long if that’s your thing. If you’re really determined to find a job you WILL find one, promise!


Ok, so let’s talk about this ‘Digital Nomad’ life that seems to be trending these days…

It was kind of by accident that I got my first ‘online’ job. I thought these bloggers and ‘online’ workers were special kinds of people. I thought I could never achieve something like that because after all, I have zero experience and I’m a university ‘drop out’.  

Last year I met a girl in Sicily who asked if I would be interested in writing some content for her company’s blog. I’m not sure if she thought I had previous experience or she just kind of assumed I would be good at it because I talk s*!t all the time. Nevertheless, I jumped at the opportunity.

I got my first feel for the digital nomad life and loved it. I started to look into how I could make this more of a sustainable income for me. After not much research at all I realised that there are so many other jobs like this out there and you don’t need any qualifications to do them!

My biggest lesson from digital nomad-ing is that you have to be willing to wear a lot of hats! And you’d be surprised how creative you can be with what limited skills you have.

Recently I spoke to some fellow digital nomads about the different types of work they do. I’ll let you into a secret: Many admit to taking the ‘fake it till you make it’ approach to get where they are today. If they can do it, SO CAN YOU. It’s definitely daunting at first but all it takes is a bit of motivation and knowing the right places to look.


Good luck and see you soon!


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